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ROTWK HD Pack Now Available
BFME2: HD Edition Showcase
BFME2 1.08.01 Gameplay Cast
Palantir Videos Coming to 1.08.01
New T3A:Online Website and Login System

Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.08 News and Updates


ROTWK HD Pack Now Available

Friday, 29 Apr 2016
Recently Rider Of Rohan has released a HD Texture Pack for Rise of the Witch-King.This texture pack is compatible with any version of ROTWK. The pack enables higher definition textures as demonstrated below. Note that this pack is not to be confused with the HD model pack currently being...
Special Feature

BFME2: HD Edition Showcase

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016
Posted by Mathijs - What is it? The BFME2: HD Edition is a model pack featuring both reworked and all-new unit and hero models.Our primary goal is to (mostly) preserve the distinctive style of BFME2's models while thoroughly polishing them up. The HD Edition is being developed by RiderOfRohan...

BFME2 1.08.01 Gameplay Cast

Friday, 15 Apr 2016
Hi everyone, Destroyer has been kind enough to cast a beta match for the upcoming BFME2 Patch. This will give you a reasonably good idea of what to expect when it launches.Credits to Mathijs and Rider of Rohan from TheThirdAge for their fantastic models, these will be an optional graphical...

Palantir Videos Coming to 1.08.01

Thursday, 14 Apr 2016
Part of the upcoming patch will include a few common maps that have new skins, but also an extra goody included- Palantir Videos. Patch 1.08 and prior cannot do these as the widescreen additions did not account for palantir videos. BFME2 Admin Val has now corrected the neccesary APT's so that...

New T3A:Online Website and Login System

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015
Welcome back, friends of the Shire. We are pleased to unveil some new features and facilities on T3A:Online!A brief tourYou can join T3A:Online and set up your account from the new T3A:Online website.You can manage your account, change your password and settings, create new profiles (nick names)...

GameReplays is proud to announce our new & improved Achievement System!

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015
A long time ago, in a time before the dinosaurs themselves, GameReplays members used to gain medals in recognition of their work. Okay, it wasn't that long ago, but it certainly feels like it! There were medals for many things: winning tournaments, uploading amazing replays, winning screenshot...
Gameplay Tip

Micro For Rookies Part 1: Basic Unit Keying

Monday, 28 Sep 2015
Hello everyone, I would like to share a few tips with those of you who might struggle with micro. I will be releasing one guide per week (hopefully) that will include a video as well. This series will primarily be aimed at players who feel that there is a lot to be desired in terms of their micro...

GameReplays.org welcomes modders!

Monday, 21 Sep 2015
Today I have the pleasure of unveiling the first of our new staff positions to you, introducing modders! For too long now we've been disregarding those great members out there whose knowledge is in more of a game building, modifying or map making rather than strategic knowledge. This position is...

Apmn as a new BFME2 Expert!

Wednesday, 16 Sep 2015
Apmn has just joined our BFME2's Expert Team. He's proved a worthy and a competitive enough player to occupy such place among BFME2 community since hes been spamming quite a lot in Clanwars under the clan [Ace] and took place in our most recent 1v1 1.08 Tournament reaching the Final.A worthy...

BFME1 Unit Statistics Now Available

Friday, 11 Sep 2015
Ever wondered about the numbers behind the game you play? Not anymore! Battle For Middle Earth 1 unit statistics have been completed by BFME2 Admin Val. Gondor General Unit InfoGondor SoldierTower GuardsGondor ArchersKnightsRangersTrebuchetBuild Cost 120 5002508006001200Buildtime...
Strategy Guide

Strategy Tip - Pikemen and the Porcupine Formation

Friday, 28 Aug 2015
Pikemen and the Porcupine formationThe pikemen are the main counter of cavalry, monsters and heavy heroes, aswell as production buildings destroyers (alongside cavalry). They usually have a lot of health, but most of them are slow and easily countered by swordsmen and particulary archers (except...

New 2v2 Gamecast

Thursday, 27 Aug 2015
Randy has made a new cast of Delicious & Senorito vs. Otto& Meistro played on 1.08 and Udun.The cast is divided into three parts, enjoy! Comments can be made here

Architects Crowdfunding Replica of Minas Tirith

Thursday, 13 Aug 2015
Now this is a fun little story for those Lord of the Rings fans out there. It turns out that a group of architects and structural engineers are crowdfunding a life-size replica of Minas Tirith, the famous city from Lord of the Rings lore that served as the capital of Gondor, and the throne of the...

Interview With Valheru

Sunday, 9 Aug 2015
Today, we are happy to interview our honored BFME 2 expert, Val'. Surprisingly has never been interviewed and is now being interviewed for the first time in 10 years! Onyx: Hey there Val'! Would you like to share with us a little bit about yourself? How old are you? What's your name?Val: Hello....

August Tournament Registrations Now Open

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015
Trimanix has organized a tournament for August which includes a significant amount of prize money for the winners. It's a 1v1 tournament being played on Fords Of Isen II. Go here for further details and registration. Good Luck!

BFME2 Download & Install Guide

Sunday, 5 Jul 2015
The Destroyer has just finished his youtube guide on how to setup and install Battle For Middle Earth 2 from scratch. For those people new to BFME2 or simply having issues with getting your game to run this is a must see! Discuss here

AMD Unleashes R300 GPU Series

Thursday, 18 Jun 2015
AMD R300 Graphics Processor Unit's. If you've built a gaming PC lately, there is a good chance that you purchased an NVIDIA graphics card and Intel processor, due to exceptional performance over competitors. Both of those companies make great products. Unfortunately for AMD, consumers have been...

Sir Christopher Lee Passes Away

Friday, 12 Jun 2015
Sir Christopher Lee, 27 May 1922 – 7 June 2015. Christopher, aged 93, has passed away and leaves behind and incredible legacy of acting that will remain with us forever. Lee was an English actor, singer and author. His career spanned almost 70 years, and became best known by his portrayals of...
Special Feature

BFME2 HD Texture Pack

Thursday, 19 Mar 2015
Rider of Rohan has recently completed a texture pack for BFME2 which replaces all the original unit & hero skins with HD versions. Specifically, 64 x 64 textures right up to 256 x 256 and 512 x 512. This pack is compatible with any BFME2 Patch and does not affect anything in relation to playing...

Patch 1.09 Sneak Peek

Wednesday, 14 Jan 2015
Hello fellow Middle-Earth inhabitants, if you havent already seen, Gamereplays would like to share some content for the upcoming patch.The first video is a clip of the new flood model and FX. Enjoy!

BFME2 has a new Expert

Friday, 9 Jan 2015
Randy AKA DU|Random has just been added to BFME2's Expert Team. Randy has been around since BTP and after a long break has returned to play Patch 108. Randy can be reached via multiple methods, as below.Gamereplays: RandyThe Facebook Group, look for MartinOn Gameranger : ID 1281545So give him a...

Battle for Middle Earth 2 Online is back!

Thursday, 17 Apr 2014
Hi folks!April has been a great month for The Battle for Middle Earth community.Thanks to Revora guys the old online servers have been restored!All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the links below!Shortly a new 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 ladder will be back aswell!So stay tuned and get...

BFME2 Goblins Changes in Patch 1.08

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014
Archangel has just completed a sneak peak of Goblins changes made in Patch 1.08. This is in video format and is a good way of absorbing the major changes.Check it out here.

BFME2 Dwarves Changes in Patch 1.08

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014
Archangel has just completed a sneak peak of Dwarves changes made in Patch 1.08. This is in video format and is a good way of absorbing the major changes. Check it out here.