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WS 2015 - 1/4 Finals!
WS 2015 - Second Round!
New C&C:Online Guide Released
HerB's Guide To Becoming Expert - Part 1
WS2015 - 1st Round begins

CNC Zero Hour News and Updates


WS 2015 - 1/4 Finals!

Sunday, 22 Mar 2015
Welcome back from the Battlefield Generals, the World Series 2015 is drawing closer to it's conclusion with the start of the Quarter Finals! We are left with 8 players after 7 Days of big matches between the contenders. Check the matchups in the Brackets image below. In case you want to see the...

WS 2015 - Second Round!

Sunday, 15 Mar 2015
Good day Generals, All games of the first round have been played and we can now move on to the second round! Please check the matchups in the Brackets image below and contact your opponent. In case you want to see the games of the first round with commentary you can check out our Video section....

Zero Hour 1vs1 Patch 1.06 Spring Tournament

Saturday, 14 Mar 2015
Community member ZaRz is running a Zero Hour 1vs1 Patch 1.06 tournament, commencing 20 March 2015.The deadline for signing up is 19 March 2015. For further information and details, see here; 1x1 Spring Tournament on 1.06.Return to the Zero Hour Portal.

C&C Generals: Deluxe Edition released for Mac

Friday, 13 Mar 2015
Aspyr has just recently released Command and Conquer Generals: Deluxe Edition on the Mac App Store! The repackaged release includes the base game and the Zero Hour expansion and it also adds a number of new features and is design to work with current-gen Macs as well as with OS X. New features...

GameStop C&C Ultimate Collection US offer for $4.99

Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015
Commanders and Generals, urgent news!GameStop has slashed down the price of C&C: The Ultimate Collection from $19.99 to $4.99! Things to note however is that it is a download only offer, so it's not a physical purchase and in addition to that, the offer is limited to those with a US GameStop...

New C&C:Online Guide Released

Monday, 9 Mar 2015
Greetings, Generals, Commanders and Comrades. We've released a new guide to getting online on C&C:Online for all of the supported Command & Conquer games (Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3). The guide was designed by gamereplays.org and Revora staff member,...

HerB's Guide To Becoming Expert - Part 1

Friday, 6 Mar 2015
HerB's Guide To Becoming ExpertIntroduction:This guide has been made in an effort to raise the skill level on our beloved game. You might argue that the game is dying and it's not worth it but I believe with minimal effort I can get many people reaching the expert level with this guide. Don't...

WS2015 - 1st Round begins

Wednesday, 4 Mar 2015
Welcome Generals!The first round of the Zero Hour World Series 2015 is now underway with a solid entry of 32 players from all different regions of the world. We have 3 experts playing which will ensure some high level competition as well as a good prize pool to make it all the more...

WS2015 - Check in now

Sunday, 1 Mar 2015
The qualification month has come to an end. Over 6242 games were played in February, which also is a new record in the C&C:Online Revora history. Now, it's time to check-in. To do so, please go to our Check-In topic. The Check-In will be open for the first 50 accounts (Rank 1 - 50 of the official...

Zero Hour Players Set New Record

Monday, 23 Feb 2015
Zero Hour players set a new record last night by playing their 5000th valid 1vs1 ladder game of the season, only twenty two days into the month. The previous record was 4800 games for the month of December 2014. The heightened activity could be attributable to qualification for the prestigious...

Big Party 1vs1 Tournament

Monday, 16 Feb 2015
Zero Hour player saxsofonist is running a Zero Hour 1vs1 tournament, starting February 23rd, with each round completing within three days. Players must pick a faction and play that faction throughout the event. Read more about the event and find out how to sign up Return to the Zero Hour Portal

CCG WS2014 Finals -|HaWkY^ vs Krew - VoD

Sunday, 15 Feb 2015
Greetings Generals! The CCG World Series 2014 is over and we have a winner! Congratulations!! If you want to see all the games between -|HaWkY^ and Krew with commentary, you can now watch them in cncHDs newest video on Youtube. Grab some Popcorn or Beer - or both and enjoy watching those...
Special Feature

WS 2015 is about to start soon! Prepare yourself, General!

Sunday, 8 Feb 2015
The WS2015 is about to start next month and the players are already fighting each other to get a place in this big Event. If you'd like to participate too, feel free to read our previous Portal Post for further instructions and details about the sign up process. When will the tournament be...

Zero Hour January Ladder Finals - Live Streams

Sunday, 8 Feb 2015
Today, February 8th 2015, Gamereplays will be hosting the Zero Hour January Ladder Season Finals on C&C:Online. The first round games have already been played, with trve^viking emerging victorious from his round with Alpine_16 and MrX prevailing over ^RiNgO in theirs. That leaves...

Ex-Westwood Staff Tom Spencer-Smith Interview

Sunday, 8 Feb 2015
The folks over at develop-online.net have recently posted an interview that they have conducted with former Westwood Studios employee Tom-Spencer Smith who also happens to be the Networking and Multiplayer Programming Lead on Command and Conquer Renegade!He talks about his past stint with...
Special Feature

Developer, Examined: Westwood Studios (1985-1998)

Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015
Greetings Commanders and Generals everywhere!This month we are taking a break from the regular Nostalgia articles to introduce another series for your reading benefit: Developer, Examined. The idea behind this is to do an in-depth timeline spread over multiple articles regarding the various...
Special Feature

New Humvee Training Map

Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015
Hi Generals!Today we have a special treat for you! The Humvee Training Map by MrGreen. It is basically a standard maximum 2 player humvee map with a couple of cool extras added on. It features many interesting waves of increasing difficulty, upgrades purchasable with money raised by kills and...

The official C&C forums have a new home

Friday, 23 Jan 2015
Most of you have probably seen this by now but the forums at commandandconquer.com are no longer. The website itself has been converted to a placeholder site pushing people towards the only under development project in the Command & Conquer universe, Tiberium Alliances. Here is the news release...

All C&C:Online Ladders Reset Today

Thursday, 1 Jan 2015
Happy New Year, Commanders, Generals and Comrades. All of the C&C:Online ladders have been reset today, including, for the very first time, the brand new ladders in Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3. Generals 1vs1 Ladder Zero Hour 1vs1 Ladder Tiberium Wars 1vs1 Ladder Tiberium...

New Community BattleCast Primetime

Monday, 17 Nov 2014
Comrades, Commanders and Generals, the folks at Community BattleCast Primetime are back with a fresh episode!Returning after a two month break, Episode 27 covers your regular and much needed dose of community news, mod spotlights, the Battlecast 5 as well as the hit Community Fan Art.Also special...

World Series 2014 Qualification Now!

Sunday, 12 Oct 2014
Welcome back Generals! It is October finally! This means it has been almost a year since the last World Series have been announced and initiated, so here we go again. Despite of the delay of the official qualification announcement, finally, we're ready to roll! All stats played up to now on...

King of the Hill RaGe^ dethroned!

Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014
Ground breaking matches were played! The King, RaGe^ himself, CNC Zero Hour Expert, has been dethroned by trve^viking! After 5 challenges successfully defending his throne from conquerors, he's finally been putten on the ground with the head in the dirt! Watch the King being slayed in these...

World Series 2014 in November

Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014
Generals! Welcome back to the World Series for 2014! Do you have what it take to conquer the throne? Are you ready to take out those noobs from CCG or will you slay these snobs from ZH? Whether yes or no, you can now fight for a spot in this year's World Series in October! Yes, General, it's...

New Community Battlecast Primetime

Saturday, 2 Aug 2014
Greetings, Commanders!After a bit of a break a new episode of Community Battlecast Primetime has been released, which gives a round up of all the recent news including GameSpy Services and the C&C Online changeover, mod development news and much more! Also featured is an exciting battle cast ten,...