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Gentool 3.0 Released!

By methuselah - 26th March 2011 - 18:07 PM

GenTool now fully supports Generals 1.8, Zero Hour 1.4 and The First Decade. The new version is a polished program with many fixes and optimizations to increase the gaming experience.


New Features 3.0:
- Improved Anti cheat for local maphack detection
- Added GenTool menu (press Insert)
- Added live GenTool detection in GameSpy lobby
- Added player table to see UID, GenTool, etc in GameSpy lobby
- Added random balancing feature
- Unlocked all supported resolutions in options menu
- Added option to forbid resolution changes
- Added warning if GameSpy nickname is bugged or bad
- Added new upload modes to keep/delete local files
- Changed intro layout and added skip button
- Added window mode repositioning after resolution change
- Added more text size options
- Added JPG quality option for F11 shots
- Added log file for upload transactions in GenTool root folder
- Removed unnecessary toggle keys
- Many other tweaks and improvements

Fixes 3.0:
- Fixed memory leak
- Possibly fixed rare crash from upload mode
- Avoid double and duplicate ID's for upload folder
- Removed useless underscore in replay name
- Removed upload retry if connection was not established to file server
- Improved CPU performance of text
- Added library to avoid possible XP incompatibility issue
- Fixed broken F9 menu toggle
- Fixed failing uploads when previous upload session failed
- Fixed camera bug

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Download here

*****Warning: Do not use Aceton in concert with Gentool for Generals only there is a conflict and you will get banned. The Aceton team has been made aware of the issue and as soon as it is resolved we will let you know. This does not affect Zero Hour.*****