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# 2301Utred Yesterday, 16:32 PM
Just watched Source Code. An interesting take on the timetravel mechanic, I really liked it.

I liked it too, though the logic behind the thing was extremely problematic. Definitely watch Moon, by the same director. Best recent scifi I've seen.
The director (Duncan Jones) is David Bowie's son by the way.

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# 2302UNr34L Yesterday, 16:57 PM
Moon was great too.

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# 2303X-Flame Yesterday, 18:34 PM
I keep hearing good things about Moon, I better give it a shot. Will let you guys know what I thought.

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# 2304Tomber Yesterday, 19:04 PM
Only reason I watched Moon ---> Kevin Spacey ( voice )
Was worth it

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# 2305Forerunner Today, 06:35 AM
Noah, definitely not what I expected lol. Wasn't terrible though.

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