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Battle for Middle Earth 2

this will get deleted so i'll post it here

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# 1Charger` Jul 31 2010, 19:51 PM
QUOTE(Mithandrir @ Jul 31 2010, 07:07 AM) *

Are you serious? This is gamereplays.org bfme2 forums! What do you expect? 90% of all members are kids or at least they behave like kids.
All you get here is spam, nonsense, strong language, gay-hating (I think charger got some bad experience with "homos", because there must be a reason for talking everytime and everywhere about gays) and propaganda about ridiculous things.
And the worst thing is, the guys who should moderate these forums are the worst users here. No manners, no contents...just embarrassing.

You got two choices:
Either you leave these forums, like so many decent users already did (well ok, most of them never joint this site!), or you keep this site as it is and you just make fun of these guys here. But donīt kid them with their funny bt-funmod, thatīs my privilege!

Have a nice day.

I got 3 compliments in a row, and then you come and bash me because I'm gay? Now, I will state why I think your post is dumber, more inappropriate and more offensive than mine.

What is the average age of people who play games? Well, according to Howard Johnson's longitudinal study that took place from 2007-2009, the average age of a gamer is 17 and 4 months, so the average gamer is still a minor. Therefore, it's obvious that most people on this game are kids and as a reusult might act immature sometimes.. I was never hating against gay people. However, you consciously brought up "gay-hating" people which potentially makes any gay person reading your statement hate gr.org and not want to come back. Want to talk about a player who doesn't even cw decreasing cw activity?? Well, look no further. When deeper depths were delved into, it was uncovered that the above poster (whose name will not be spoken), is a hypocrite. As shown in Ronald Dragic's facebook page, the above poster was photographed on his knees with an unidentified pink object surrounding his mouth. You might think this is a lolipop, but in fact it is a monstrous object that has been known to pleasure millions of people on a daily basis. The above poster is a renowned conformist, and bought the unidentified pink object only after hundreds of millions people swore by it. The above poster is not someone who blazes his own path; he's not someone who will make his own story. He's a communist from Russia who will one day follow in the footsteps of his idol. According to the latent content of the above words, this will be 1 of 2 people; Joseph Stalin or that gay pornstar who has to pay to be in movies that won't even be shown because it will bankrupt the entire porn industry. How much do you think the porn industry makes anually? Some might say hundreds of millions, 5 billion, maybe even 8 billion, but even if you add all those together that doesn't equate to the 14 billion dollars the porn industry makes per year. This doesn't include the people who would have no other option but suicide because pornography is their life. On the other hand, the above poster might try to spark a red scare across america once again. Both of these events would be detrimental, so i think we can all agree that according to the above poster's words it is logical to conclude that clanwars will be active next month and that KoA|Charger aka A1RJ0rDaN23 is by far the best bfme2 player to ever live.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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