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New members looking to buy the game

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# 1Seb Jun 16 2011, 23:06 PM
I've seen a couple of times new members asking which game they should buy. And that's a great thing for CoH to have new players coming to replace the old players leaving. If you are one of them, welcome and have fun! smile.gif

This kind of requrest was usually followed by some helpful coh vetaran explaining the difference between the three versions, so they can make the best possible choice. It happended quite a lot, maybe every week, it was probably a hint the information was missing.

This issue should now be addressed, as I made a short description of the three different versions, on a simple guide of what to buy, available under the Game Info tab (btw thanks Schmieds for the editing). It's amazing we are putting this here now, four years after the release! But that shows how good it is. Or please don't point out how slow we were instead. tongue.gif

Anyway, if you are this new member, enjoy the article! And if you are the coh veteran and come across someone having those questions, you can show him this article instead of writing everything again. wink.gif

You spotted any error, or believe some important information is missing from the article, let me know. You are looking for other articles of that kind for yourself, or you just think some other such things are missing, you can also let me know.

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# 2Fidla Jul 10 2011, 19:31 PM
I bought all of them, great masterpiece it is now the best rts!

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