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The Company of Heroes Section is Now Recruiting!

By IpKaiFung - 17th October 2012 - 22:39 PM

We are Now Recruiting Talented Individuals for the Company of Heroes Section of Gamereplays.org!

As many of you will agree Gamereplays.org is a fantastic site for Company of Heroes, however it's fantastic because of the many man hours offered by enthusiastic volunteers. The following positions are now open for recruitment:


IPB Image
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Writers are an integral part of any section. News is an important part of the portal but it doesn't mean that you will be confined to only writing news posts. You will have the opportunity to produce fun pieces of content such as interviews, historical pieces relevant to Company of Heroes or even just use Gamereplays.org as an outlet for your creative writing, as long as the content remains relevant! If you're interested in becoming a writer please send a personal message to sheriff_McLawDog along with a sample of your writing to apply.


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Referees have an increasingly more important role within Gamereplays.org. Referees are responsible for organizing the competitive events that Gamereplays.org hosts, this involves running the brackets and resolving any issues on the day, commissioning art pieces for promotion of the event, organizing streamers and commentators for the event. If you're interested in becoming a referee please send a personal message to Purlictor

Fair Play Specialist

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In association with THQ, Gamereplays.org is helping root out cheaters in Company of Heroes. As a fair play specialist you will spend most of your time going through reports in our specially made fair play section, determining if foul play has occurred or in most cases it's simply the accuser being a sore loser! If you're interested in becoming a fair play specialist please send a personal message to Iskierka


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IPB Image

Artists make Gamereplays.org a much more vibrant place. From the thumbnails and highlights in portal content to the amazing promotion material seen in our events, artists are an important part of the section. If you're interested in becoming an artist please send a personal message to NaibreSoldieR with some sample artwork of your own creation relevant to Company of Heroes.

E-Sports Replay Submitter

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IPB Image

Company of Heroes isn't E-Sports I hear you say. Actually if your game has a competitive community it is! It's just not as big as other games. E-Sports Replay Submitters are responsible for uploading replays from competitive events such as our own tournaments or show matches that other members of the community organise, E-Sports Replay Submitters also organise the replays into events to make it easier for our members to browse the replay section. If you're interested in becoming an E-Sports Replay Submitter please send a personal message to Pr3d4t0rS