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CoH HotKeys and Abbreviations

By Balbo - 6th April 2007 - 20:01 PM

How to change your hotkeys?
You can find a good guide here.

Allies Hotkeys

Units and Upgrades:

Research Wirecutters - C
Research Demolitions - D
Engineers - E
-M2 Flamethrower - F
-Minesweeper - M
-Wirecutters - C
-Demolitions - D

Research Mk2 Grenades - N
Research Sticky Bombs - S
Research M1918 Browning Assault Rifle - B
Riflemen - R
-Throw Grenade - N
-Throw Sticky Bomb - S
-Suppression Fire - F
Jeep - J

*Weapon Support Center:
Heavy Machine Gun Team - H
-Armor Piercing Burst - P
Mortar Team - M
-60mm Bombardment - B
-Smoke Barrage - S
Sniper - S
-Camouflage - C
-Hold Fire - F

*Motor Pool:
M3 Halftrack - H
-Quad .50 cal Maxson Mount - U
M8 Armored Car - A
-Armor Skirts - S
-M2hB .50 cal Machine Gun - U
M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun - T
-Armor Piercing Shells - P

*Tank Depot:
M10 Tank Destroyer - M
M4 ‘Crocodile’ Sherman - C
-Bulldozer - B
M4 Sherman - S
-Crab Mine Flail - C
-M2HB .50 cal Machine Gun - U

*Supply Yard:
Level1/Level2 Production - U

-Sherman Calliope Barrage - B
-Sherman Calliope Smoke Canister - S

Building Construction:

Build Defensive - B
-Observation Post - P
-Barbed Wire - W
-Sand Bags - S
-Tank Traps - T
-Mines - M
-Medic Station - N
-Machine Gun Emplacement - E
-M2 105mm Howitzer - H
Build Base - V
-Barracks - B
-Weapons Support Center - W
-Motor Pool - M
-Tank Depot - T
-Supply Yard - S
-Triage Center - C

Unit Commands:

Halt! - H
Attack Move - A
Retreat - T
Repair - E
Rally Point - Y


GL=Good luck
HF=Have fun
GG=Good game
MC=Map Control
AFK=Away from keyboard
NP=No problem
atm = at the moment
thb = to be honest
idk = i don't know
imo = in my opinion
ffs = for ****'s sake
gg no re = good game no rematch
lol=laugh out loud
lmao=laugh my a*s off
rofl= rolling over the floor
wtf= What the (Insert word starting with F here) Fruitsalad (lol)
omg= oh my god
omfg= oh my ....... god (you know...)
asap= as soon as possible
Buff=Getting something better in a new patch
Nerf=Oppisite of Buff
MG=Machine Gun
AC=armored car
PP=Power Points
FU=Fully Upgraded
Turtle=Defending ONLY in a game and not attacking unless for defensive reasons (slowing the game down and making it a stalemate)
Rush=Attack the enemy early
Mods=Modifications of the game
imba= imbalanced
OP=Overpowered (needing a nerf)
OP=Observation Post
QM=Quick Match
CW=Clan Wars
CM = custom match
Strat=Strategy, no explanation needed
BO= build order
Bats = Battalions
FFG=For Fun Game
FFA=Free For All
Ftw = For the win
1337 = leet

Collected by Moony, Tiberiumtyrant and Architect.