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Gamereplays is looking for Artists!

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016
Good Day! Here at Gamereplays.org we're looking for new Artists to join our game teams! When your a staff member at any level, you'll get some nice extra perks. These include a larger inbox and access to the staff areas of Gamereplays.org. However Artists get some extra perks, which are basic...

Company of Heroes Series Off On Steam!

Thursday, 15 Sep 2016
Attention, Company of Heroes fans! The entire series is on sale until tomorrow (28 hours left at the time of writing). This is your chance to grab that title you're missing.These are the prices in Euros:INDIVIDUAL TITLES:Company of Heroes - 3,24Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts - 3,24Company...

GameReplays is proud to announce our new & improved Achievement System!

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015
A long time ago, in a time before the dinosaurs themselves, GameReplays members used to gain medals in recognition of their work. Okay, it wasn't that long ago, but it certainly feels like it! There were medals for many things: winning tournaments, uploading amazing replays, winning screenshot...

GameReplays.org welcomes modders!

Monday, 21 Sep 2015
Today I have the pleasure of unveiling the first of our new staff positions to you, introducing modders! For too long now we've been disregarding those great members out there whose knowledge is in more of a game building, modifying or map making rather than strategic knowledge. This position is...

75% off Steam Sale

Saturday, 28 Mar 2015
The Sega publisher weekend sale is well underway on steam this weekend and along with some of its other successful games, Sega is offering the Company of Heroes 2 bundle which includes not just Company of Heroes 2 but its multiplayer expansion with both the Oberkomando West and the American...

New CoH2 DLC pack coming September 24th

Monday, 23 Sep 2013
Full details here.

33% off Steam Sale!

Friday, 20 Sep 2013
For this weekend only, Company of Heroes 2 is 33% off on Steam!This includes the normal version of the game, the Collector's Edition and the upgrade from normal to Collector's Edition.If you just want the upcoming Case Blue Theatre of War pack, you can also pre-order it at 10% off. It is upcoming...

CoH 2 ~ Letter From the Producer: September 2013

Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013
Relic have recently released the latest letter from the producer, explaining some of the changes to the game that the development team are working on and what they're planning for the future. Why not give it a glance? Welcome to the latest letter from the Producer.Just a quick update to let...

ESL Signups Until August 2nd!

Saturday, 27 Jul 2013
Hello guys and welcome to another event hosted by ESL and IpKaiFung!All opponents will be playing in a group stage and will then be fed into a double elimination bracket towards the end of the season where a champion will be crowned!Sign ups for this event will continue until the 2nd August and...

ESL 1v1 Tournament

Saturday, 13 Jul 2013
IpKaiFung & ESL PresentCompany Of Heroes 2 1v1 Tournament1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive ESL PremiumESL Premium Offers the following:No advertisements,Active support of leagueAccess to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)Support the ESL Pro SeriesGet Awards and manage theseDouble vote at map...