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Dawn of War 2 News and Updates


Elite Mod Patch 2.3.1 H2

Thursday, 4 Dec 2014
Like with any large patch, there are always bugs, so shortly after 2.3.1 we have two hotfix patches that came out just after release. You just need to download the second hotfix patch and it can be installed over any release 2.3.0 or later. You can download the patch here. Brother-Captain's...

Elite Mod Patch 2.3.1

Saturday, 29 Nov 2014
The Elite mod 2.3.1 patch is out and contains many improvements such as sync kills, hotkeys, vehicle rotations, and the much awaited sniper changes. Would like to mention that if you made any hotkey changes, they will have to be redone. This patch requires 2.3 to be installed first and then 2.3.1...

The Propaganda Cast Comes to DoW 2!

Saturday, 4 Oct 2014
Imperial Dane has decided to do a bit of a change up from his regular CoH 2 casts and has started casting DoW 2. He will still be mainly casting CoH 2, but will be adding in some DoW 2 casts from time to time. The main thing for him though is that he needs replays if he is to do any casting so...

DoW 10 Year Anniversary

Friday, 19 Sep 2014
It has been 10 years since Relic Entertainment has released the first Dawn of War game and now it's anniversary time. Starting at 16:00 PDT today, there will be a livestream with the developers as they spar off against players such as DoW 2's own Indrid. Be sure to check out all the action!

Elite Mod Championship

Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014
Every tournament series needs a finale and the Monthly Rumble is no exception. On September 27 and 28th at 16:00 UTC, the first Elite mod championship hosted by Eerie will be taking place and the top 24 Elite mod players will be duking it out for the community funded 475 Euro(615 USD) prize...

DoW 3 Rumours

Friday, 12 Sep 2014
It has been a little over three years since Dawn of War 2: Retribution and the community has gotten restless of their lack of a sequel. DoW 3 has been long overdue and it has gotten to the point where even Company of Heroes 2 announcements are filled with comments about what people want in the...

Elite Mod Patch 2.3

Thursday, 3 Jul 2014
The final version of 2.3 is now out. It contains a new map, some bug fixes and a few other small things. It's a full install with no other downloads needed and can be downloaded here.GeneralNew map: (2p) Imperial Plaza 1.0 (by Arbit)FixesSeer Council and Chosen Plague Marines now spawn a small...

Elite Mod Patch 2.3 RC1

Thursday, 19 Jun 2014
It has been about four months since the last patch, but it's finally here. Well, almost. The 2.3 patch was actually being privately beta tested before release since it's so huge and there have been some bugs that are delaying the final release. What we get now is not the final version, but...

Elite Mod Patch 2.2 Beta 11

Monday, 3 Feb 2014
Coming after only a few days after beta 10, beta 11 comes. It is not a "hotfix", but seems to just be adding new art with a few small other changes. It is only 15 MB and beta 10 is needed to be installed first. You can download the latest patch here.GeneralAdded a version number to post-game...

Elite Mod Patch 2.2 Beta 10

Thursday, 30 Jan 2014
The 2.2 beta 10 patch is now out and comes with a bunch of new models/portraits and tons of balance changes to every race. There is just a single full installer this time. You can download the new patch here.GeneralTentative fix to sync error when using Vindicare Assassin's passive...

Elite Mod Patch 2.2 Beta 9

Sunday, 15 Dec 2013
The 2.2 beta 9 patch is now out and comes with some sexy new models by David-CZ. I have included pictures of the new models at the end of this post. To play you must download the beta 9 full installer and then then the beta 9 hotfix over that. You can download the new patch here.GeneralUpdated...

Elite Mod Patch 2.2 Beta 8

Sunday, 24 Nov 2013
The new patch is out and, as expected of a new unit, the Vindicare Assassin seems to be the main focus. This is just a small update installer so you need beta 7 first and then you install the beta 8 on top of it. The new patch is a mere 8 MB and can be downloaded here.GeneralUpdated map: (6p)...