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WHP vs DOP (latest DotA -> HoN top team)

#1BadaBing  Feb 3 2010, 14:29 PM -
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This is arguably one of the best games I've ever seen i HoN, as it is super close and crazy teamfights!

It is We Heart Pigs vs Domain of Pain. DoP consists of the wellknown Remstar (JonhhyUtah), Emperor+giX+phoX from the DotA team DoP and lastly Fanat1c from PokerStars. Domain of Pain are now full focused on HoN and this is a good treat as to what to expect from them in the future.

The mid-lane, and basically the entire game, is a battle between Chu's Defiler and Remstar's Predator (with a roaming Emperor on Andro). Some of the closest teamfights I've seen in a top game and constant action shifting back and forth.

This is one of those games that you need to watch.
#2f0g`  Feb 3 2010, 15:17 PM -
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Best game i have seen so far.

#3sq482  Feb 3 2010, 15:50 PM -
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what did you mean by the title?
#4-Izzo-  Feb 3 2010, 16:04 PM -
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Very nice armadon play. Good match no doubt, but there was no unusual tactics used though. But a solid high quality match nonetheless.
#5arabjuice  Feb 3 2010, 16:22 PM -
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what did you mean by the title?

he ment latest of dota to hon transfer team, not that they are supiror to the hon team
#6BadaBing  Feb 3 2010, 16:33 PM -
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Very nice armadon play. Good match no doubt, but there was no unusual tactics used though. But a solid high quality match nonetheless.

The tactics are pretty standard setup-wise from WHP, but personally I haven't seen a Defiler use Stormspirit+Void that good in a top tier game. Just watch around 27:44 ingame time (28:59 replay time) where Chu does his magic on Predator. A standard Defiler would have changed the tide of the teamfights and ultimately the outcome of the game IMO. Also the mid lane setup from DoP is something that you rarely see, but overall WHP had far better picks and lane synergy IMO.

This is one of the few games that actually shifts back and forth many times throughout the entire game.

ArabJuice is spot on with what I meant with the title. DoP is an old DotA team that now focuses 100% on HoN and with small modifications lineup-wise its a team that we will se far more in the coming months. They have only been playing HoN for about a month, and to play that good against WHP sure proves that they are on the right track.
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#7Minish Man  Feb 3 2010, 23:09 PM -
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I think warden was right at the end, WHP didn't play great there at all.

I still think the speed at which defiler could have gotten sac stone would have made it a better buy than the items he got.

As defiler you should be building tanky and wanting to take the punishment from the enemy to save your squishy allies like nymph and slither getting instagibbed IMO.
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#8Jethios  Feb 4 2010, 05:10 AM -
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Simply Fantastic play! Very exciting to see more pro teams switch from DotA to HoN!
#9-Izzo-  Feb 4 2010, 09:48 AM -
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The defiler play was indeed something I haven't seen before. Did she actually cyclone herself to let her ultimate keep attacking the enemies? Quite clever I must admit, but I'm not so sure if this strategy is worth the item cost. I mean 2.5 seconds of invulnerability while the spirits do damage worth the cost of stormspirit? Not sure.
#10Texnap  Feb 4 2010, 12:36 PM -
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ye but yu can still cyclone enemys wink.gif
i think its a viable itembuild with the physical immunity of the void..
especially against this team.
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