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New Replay System Features!
HoN Tour Registrations Are Open
Heroes of Newerth - All Heroes Free!
$60,000 DreamHoN Concluded
HoN Mid Wars Is Coming on May 11

Heroes of Newerth News and Updates


New Replay System Features!

Saturday, 20 Apr 2013
Today, GameReplays.org is announcing a new feature for the replay system of every game. Guests may now upload their replays to any game's replay system. These replays are not visible to regular members via the replay index but can be shared directly via the URL of the particular replay. This...

GameReplays Is Recruiting Writers!

Friday, 29 Mar 2013
Ever had an interest in the exciting field of gaming journalism? Or, more likely, want to be able to include a stint as a "video game industry journalist" on your resume? Then you're in luck, because we just fired most of our writers and are in search of new ones! Hooray!But what does a...

C9 HoN In House League Launched

Saturday, 29 Dec 2012
Cryo Nine Gaming is looking to opening an in house league for Heroes of Newerth! While the site for HoN is currently under development, they are the #1 inhouse league in Dota 2. .The first league #c9-hon will be for high level players but if there is demand from lower level players they will look...

HoN Tour Registrations Are Open

Thursday, 4 Oct 2012
After many months of preparation and planning, the biggest Heroes of Newerth event is finally here. HoN Tour is live and the registrations for Season One are open. HoN Tour is a multi-event tournament series which will run from October 2012 till April 2013 with a total cash prize of $330,000....

Heroes of Newerth - All Heroes Free!

Thursday, 19 Jul 2012
Today S2 Games has made the biggest announcement, after Heroes of Newerth chosen its Free to Play path. Starting this Friday, July 20th, all heroes in HoN will be available in the hero pool for FREE. Here is what the Director of HoN, [S2]DivA had to say about it:As part of our continuous efforts...

Patch 2.6.8 Video Review

Monday, 2 Jul 2012
Our Senior Commentator The_Karcher prepared a nice video review of a relatively big patch for Heroes of Newerth which includes 2 item reworks as well as some balance changes. You can watch the whole review here: The complete patch notes are as follows:Version 2.6.8--------------- Free Hero...

GR Password Issues (IMPORTANT)

Friday, 29 Jun 2012
In response to our recent security breach, we've significantly increased the security protecting your passwords. As a side-effect of this, all password changes within the past two weeks have been discarded. If you have reset your password within the past two weeks, it has been "un-reset" to...

$60,000 DreamHoN Concluded

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012
DreamHoN which was played on DreamHack Summer 2012 is by far the biggest Heroes of Newerth event this years in which all the best HoN teams in the world were competing for a total prize of $60,000. There were a total of 8 teams in the tournament out of which there were some well known (and...

Riftwalker Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Riftwalker is the newest girly hero addition to the Heroes of Newerth hero pool. Riftwalker is an intelligence hero with four active spells that synergize very well with each other. Her first ability, Cascade Event, is similar to Magmus' ulti from DotA, but it is a targeted spell which draws all...

HoN Mid Wars Is Coming on May 11

Thursday, 3 May 2012
S2 Games managed to surprise us all when they announced a new map which is specifically designed for popular Mid Wars games. We all played at least one of those games, where the rules were simple: all mid, no re-spawn and no other objective except to kill the heroes on the other side of the...

HoN Patch 2.5.20 Is Live

Sunday, 22 Apr 2012
This update brings besides the usual bug fixes and optimizations, some balance changes as well. The most notable changes are the decrease of to health regeneration of all melee heroes from 1.25 to 1 and the Invisibility rune now acts like Assassin's Shroud. Heroes Artillery, Electrician, Lord...

$60,000 DreamHoN Announced

Friday, 20 Apr 2012
DreamHoN is a massive multi-regional tournament series officially sponsored by Alienware Arena and the grand finals of the event will be played at the world's largest LAN event, DreamHack Summer 2012. Teams from North America, Europe, South East Asia (SEA), Oceania, the Commonwealth of...

$4,000 Plantronics GameCom Tournament

Tuesday, 17 Apr 2012
After a relatively long delay with no big Heroes of Newerth E-Sports events and tournaments we finally have something interesting. Plantronics GameCom has announced a big juicy free-to-enter tournament with a $4,000 prize pool. Registrations are officially open starting Monday, April 16th, and...
Hero Guide

Midas: A Touch of Gold

Monday, 16 Apr 2012
This guide will be about Midas, one of the most flexible heroes in the game right now. This hero is amazingly strong when played right, but merely a shadow of what he could be in the hands of a player who doesn't understand him. The key aspects to successfully play this hero will be your timing,...

Artillery Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2012
"Transformers heroes in... Newerth?!" Everyone please welcome Artillery, the newest addition to Heroes of Newerth. This ranged agility hero is equipped with weapons with high range, that can slow you down and even out-range defense towers. His ultimate can stun enemies in an area and it pushes...

Hero Tier List - March 2012

Monday, 2 Apr 2012
Hello everyone and welcome to the March Hero Tier List!This List keeps track of the heroes used by the competitive teams and is based on data collected from the official matches between these competitives teams - which means scrims aren't used to build this list. Since the list is built manually,...

Pro Patch Review:

Sunday, 25 Mar 2012
Hello everyone and welcome to this new Pro Patch Review! Today we'll discuss about the changes introduced in the patch 2.5.16. The balance patch being quite short, we decided to ask a few players about the changes and let you read the different opinions about those changes! Big shoutout to...

Pro Patch Review: Darkwonyx on 2.5.14

Thursday, 15 Mar 2012
Hello everyone and welcome to this new Pro Patch Review! Today, itís Darkwonyx from Team Itís Gosu who is going to join us and answer our questions about the latest patch!Change:Andromeda- Comet manacost lowered from 110/120/130/140 to 105/115/125/135- Voip Rip cooldown decreased from 70/60/50 to...

Gunblade Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012
Gunblade, the Sheriff of the Damned will be coming to Newerth this Friday. He is ranged carry that excels in close ranged combat. His first skill, Crippling Slugs, fires three rounds of bullets in a direction. Each round deals damage and slows all enemies hit. His second spell, Demonic Shield...

Hero Tier List - February 2012

Friday, 2 Mar 2012
Hello guys and welcome to this month's Hero Tier List!The Tier List is, as you might know, a way to keep track of the heroes used by the competitive teams and is based on data collected from the official matches between these competitives teams - which means scrims aren't used to build this list....

Pro Patch Review: Fly on 2.5.12

Wednesday, 29 Feb 2012
Hello everyone and welcome to the new Pro Patch Review. Today we will ask Fly, from FnaticRaidcall, about the latest changes made in the patch 2.5.12.ItemsChange:Savage Mace- No longer works with Split AttacksBrutalizer- No longer works with Split Attacks Danelaan : Letís start with the change...

Hero Tier List - January 2012

Saturday, 4 Feb 2012
Hello again and welcome to a new edition of the Hero Tier List!Since it has been a while, first and foremost let me remind you of the purpose of this list: this list is based on data collected during the month by your humble servant, data that can be found just below. The Tiers aren't reflecting...

Berzerker Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012
Berzerker, the hero from the cold tundras of north is here! This hero could be a great team killer in later levels and he looks very useful in early levels as well. Chain Spike allows him to slow a hero, but also deal some damage. His first skill combined with Mark for Death, which increases his...

Pro Patch Review: Kubrick on 2.5.8

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2012
Hello everyone and welcome to a new Pro Patch Review. Today we spoke with Kubrick, from Team Inclement, who also happens to be a Super Beta Tester, about the last changes made to Heroes of Newerth in the 2.5.8 patch.ItemsDanelaan: Letís start with items: Genjuro is an item recently added by S2....