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Current Top Three Ranks

1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (32 points)
2. Technique (24 points)
3. AoeNiaN (23 points)

Last updated: Kane's Wrath Vanilla Mania 1.02+ 1vs1 Tournament
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Kanes Wrath News


WCG 2008 Announces Rules and Regulations

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008
One of the largest and most esteemed events in competitive gaming, the World Cyber Games (WCG) announced their rules and regulations for the 2008 WCG, scheduled to be held in Cologne, Germany, one of the country's largest cities and is known to be one of the nation's centers of media attention,...

Kane's Wrath Replay Tool

Monday, 14 Apr 2008
GameReplays member Wmm has put out a Kane's Wrath version of his esteemed Tiberium Wars tool that has several layers of functionality. First and foremost it allows one to quickly and easily save any replays you wish to. It names them in a straightforward fashion but you can differentiate these...

Clanwars Prizes Announcement

Saturday, 12 Apr 2008
Clanwars.cc has recently added Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath to its supported games. To give this a kickstart, there have been prizes added for the top 3 warriors and the best clan of the month May. The prizes are as follows:The #1 ranked warrior will receive $150 via paypalThe #2 ranked...

Command School Episode 7

Saturday, 12 Apr 2008
The seventh installment of Command & Conquer TV's 'Command School' is out, showcasing new strategies for your favourite subfactions the Black Hand, ZOCOM and Reaper-17. Command School caters for the learning and established players so check it out if you're looking to improve your skills. Command...

Repinfo 2.3 Released

Wednesday, 9 Apr 2008
One of GameReplays' Coders, Saurman, has released update 2.3 to Repinfo, the tool for organizing, managing, and browsing through your own replays. Replays are the single most important feature of our website and we recommend anyone who watches them to download this great program. In this version,...

The De-sync Issue

Tuesday, 8 Apr 2008
In light of a recent de-sync issue that some players have been experiencing online, EA's APOC has posted an official response on the issue as follows:Hey everyone,Alright, we fully understand the severity of this issue and have our development team all over it trying to figure out what is causing...

Tacitus Thursday - Heaven and Hell

Friday, 4 Apr 2008
Just when we've seen the last of Tactitus Thursday, EA has surprised us by continuing on with the series. This time, it is a showcase of the new 2v2 map "Heaven and Hell" in Kane's Wrath.Map Overview Heaven and Hell is available in both 2v2 and 1v1 tournament play. The map features pristine...

Kane's Wrath Challenge Weekend Results

Friday, 4 Apr 2008
The winners of the Weekend Ladder Challenge of Kane's Wrath, the challenge where the top five of the ladder, and ten people, randomly picked, from the top 1000, will get a free copy of Red Alert 3, are as follows:Rank 1 - d.Apo11o Rank 2 - |RoM|ScorpionRank 3 - ZeUs~Rank 4 - bbq199 Rank 5 -...

Update on Upcoming Kane's Wrath Patch

Friday, 4 Apr 2008
Apoc has posted a quick update on things to come to Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 in the EA.com forums. Most important of the things mentioned in this list include desync issues, which are currently being worked on with your help in replay submissions and suggestions, and the 1st patch, which...

New Kane's Wrath Tournament!

Wednesday, 2 Apr 2008
If you fancy playing a tournament and getting your hands on some prizes, you'll be glad to know that anew tournament is being held that will allow you to do so. The RTSCups Play Hard Go Pro #4 Tournament is being held on Sunday 6 April 2007, and check in will start at 3PM CET, while the...