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1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (39 points)
2. Technique (28 points)
3. AoeNiaN (23 points)

Last updated: Kane's Wrath September Ladder Wars
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Kanes Wrath News


GameReplays Launches Replay System Update

Monday, 30 Jun 2008
GameReplays has just launched the second major update to its core replay system, which adds a number of different features, changes things around, and provides a far more community-oriented interactive experience. Write your own reviews!We've taken a huge step forward and opened up replay...

Battlecast Primetime Episode 11

Saturday, 28 Jun 2008
This month of Battlecast primetime it's all about Red October, check out the exclusive Red Alert 3 gameplay footage, unit profiles, and support abilities. APOC goes on the offensive with his new community army as well as present the new Red Alert 3 Idol? And of course check out the best Kane's...

GameReplays Hardware Wizards

Sunday, 22 Jun 2008
GameReplays Hardware has just released a couple of Hardware Wizards.These wizards can help you in choosing the right components for your computer or you can get advice for buying a laptop.At present there are four hardware wizards, these are about:- Motherboards- Desktop Processors- Internal...

Command School 9 is out!

Saturday, 14 Jun 2008
This week, Greg Kasavin explains the uses and importance of hotkeys with some starter shortcuts to get you going. And another faction breakdown, Traveller 59; use those sinister cultists, powerful prodigy, and lightning fast ravagers to great effect. Finally, check out the user submitted strategy...

The Top Ten Replays of 1.00

Thursday, 12 Jun 2008
Kane's Wrath has been out for a couple of months, and in that time, we've been able to compile a great collection of replays in our replay system. Before patch 1.01 arrives, we wanted to give you one more chance to reminisce at mechapede ownage comebacks, early shadow team harassment, and...

Kane's Wrath 360 Achievement list

Saturday, 7 Jun 2008
This weeks Tacitus Thursday hosts the complete list of Kane's Wrath achievements for Xbox 360 players. For all you Xbox enthusiasts, this is the list you have been waiting for three months now.Here is all the achievements that you will be able to conquer online:Name: From The Ashes...Description:...

Smurfing Banned for the KW Ladder Season

Saturday, 31 May 2008
As most online players will know, smurfing has been causing a few issues since the release of C&C3, and Apoc, EA's C&C Community Manager recently posted a statement on the official C&C3 forum warning those who wish to partake in the ladder season for Kane's Wrath that they will need to conform to...

Battlecast Primetime 10 is Out

Saturday, 31 May 2008
Just released today, the newest CNC TV episode, Battlecast Primetime 10 covers a wide range of topics. The show, this time hosted by only Raj Joshi, starts off with some footage from the RA3 unveiling from a bunker in Moscow. The Battlecast Five Replays feature many of GameReplay's experts...

Ladder Season Two Coming to Kane's Wrath

Wednesday, 28 May 2008
Electronic Arts (EA) has publicized their intentions to begin the second Command and Conquer 3 ladder season in mid-June.This competition will feature in Kane's Wrath and boasts a substantial cash prize ($6,000), which in cohesion with the release of patch 1.01 is intended to "reignite the Kane's...

128 Player Kane's Wrath Tournament

Thursday, 15 May 2008
In two days, GameReplays.org will be sponsoring a 128 player tournament for Kane's Wrath, sponsored by EA, SteelSeries, and GameReplays. Players will have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars of prizes, including cash, online gift certificates, EA games, and top quality SteelSeries gaming...