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Kanes Wrath News


Unit Spotlight: The MARV

Tuesday, 25 Mar 2008
The Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle, or MARV, was crafted by GDI Engineers to complement ZOCOM Red Zone anti-Tiberium operations. Significant advances in Tiberium harvesting and refinement have allowed GDI to house a full Tiberium processing plant within the enormous, armored behemoth. Using...

GameReplays.org Kane's Wrath Replay System Online

Monday, 24 Mar 2008
Thanks to the help of several community members who supplied us with map images and replays, the Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath replay system is online and open for business. To submit a replay, simply click on the Submit Replays button () and follow the steps to upload your replay. All...

Tacitus Thursday - Nod Support Powers

Saturday, 22 Mar 2008
And thus we come to the finale of EA's much loved Tacitus Thursday's features. Quite fittingly this time around EA is showcasing a 5 minute demonstration video with Producer Jim Vissella (those who watch Battlecast Primetime will know him) who walks us through some of the new Nod support powers,...

Unleash the Wrath Sweepstakes

Saturday, 22 Mar 2008
Hear me Brothers!Enlist in the all new Unleash the Wrath Sweepstakes and you can win big with Electronic Arts and Logitech. Entry is absolutely free and you will subscribed to the brand new Newsletter that is sent each month, where you can read all about the new updates and plans involving...

Tacitus Thursdays: The Cyborgs

Thursday, 20 Mar 2008
The aftermath of the first Tiberium War afforded the Prophet ample time for reflection. Again and again, Kane relived his defeat at the hands of GDI, alternately searching for weaknesses in his plan and pondering the truth of his greater vision. Ultimately, he concluded, the same emotions that...

Traveller 59 Spotlight

Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008
Throughout the eons, intergalactic Ichor mining operations have encountered a wide variety of hostile environments and species. In order to effectively deal with potential conflicts that may arise from infestation of a host planet, some Scrin subsects were evolved into specialized anti-population...

Kane's Wrath selected for WCG 2008

Sunday, 16 Mar 2008
With the list of WCG games revealed for 2008, the expansion to the previous WCG game Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, is a definite inclusion. Of course the tournament will be 1v1 affair only, with the best players from each country participating in the WCG being flown to Cologne...

Unit Spotlight: Hammerhead

Thursday, 13 Mar 2008
The Unit Spotlight falls on a different unit today, the Hammerhead gunship, a GDI air staple capable of staying in the air without the need to refuel or rearm. It can function as an assault craft or a transport unit and can carry one squad of infantry that can fire while in flight. The...

Unit Spotlight: The Shatterer

Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008
Mobile Sonic Emitters? Wait.... What! Yes, you heard it right, the Latest Unit Spotlight from EA is none other than the GDI & ZOCOM Shatterer, the hotly anticipated Mobile Sonic Emitter.Like the Sonic Emitter the Shatterer was designed for the abaitment of Tiberium and thus utilise the high...

Kane's Wrath goes GOLD

Friday, 7 Mar 2008
C&C3: Kane's Wrath, the long-awaited add-on for Command and Conquer 3 goes gold and will be available in stores on 26th March 2008. If you buy the game, you will also get a special beta key to the Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 beta which will held this summer.Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath...