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1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (37 points)
2. Technique (32 points)
3. AoeNiaN (23 points)

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Kanes Wrath News


The History of RTS: Command and Conquer 3

Thursday, 31 Jul 2008
With the success of Battle for Middle Earth and Battle for Middle Earth II, Electronic Arts Los Angles (EALA) decided it was a fitting time to return to Command and Conquer's original Tiberium universe. At E3 2006, EALA Executive Producer Mike Verdu revealed that production of Command and Conquer...

Red Alert 3 Beta Bonanza/Beta Launched!

Sunday, 27 Jul 2008
After patiently waiting the Red Alert 3 fans have finally been rewarded! The first group of lucky people has made it into the Red Alert 3 Beta. The beta is currently still small, starting with a mere 2,000 players but we should see a new group being added within the week, hopefully sooner than...

Red Alert 3 Beta To Launch Saturday - 26 July

Saturday, 26 Jul 2008
Earlier today the beta became available to FilePlanet subscribers for a very short period of time only allowing a few people to get into the beta. It turns out that the version that they received was a faulty version and they immediately pulled this from use. Recently Apoc the Electronic Arts Red...

Expert Khufu Posts The First RepGuide

Friday, 18 Jul 2008
Command and Conquer 3 expert Khufu_Ownz has uploaded the first ever RepGuide to the Kane's Wrath section. The topic of the guide is how to use Nod to deal with an all-in Orca/Bloodhound rush from GDI. The replay is made using the commentator system, where Khufu explains how to do what he is doing...

Patch 1.01 Update

Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008
As some of you may have found out, patch 1.01 is now available for download from EA's servers (link is at the end of this story). The catch is that it's not "officially live" yet. At the time of this writing the Kane's Wrath team are waiting for EA North America's CQC (center for quality control)...

Kane's Wrath Patch Delayed, Mike Verdu Speaks

Friday, 4 Jul 2008
digg_title = 'Kane's Wrath Patch Delayed, Mike Verdu Speaks'; Aaron Kaufman, the community manager for EALA's RTS franchises, has recently posted a message in our forums which contains an explanation about the chronic delays of the Kane's Wrath patch. The post also contains an open letter to...

GameReplays Launches Replay System Update

Monday, 30 Jun 2008
GameReplays has just launched the second major update to its core replay system, which adds a number of different features, changes things around, and provides a far more community-oriented interactive experience. Write your own reviews!We've taken a huge step forward and opened up replay...

Battlecast Primetime Episode 11

Saturday, 28 Jun 2008
This month of Battlecast primetime it's all about Red October, check out the exclusive Red Alert 3 gameplay footage, unit profiles, and support abilities. APOC goes on the offensive with his new community army as well as present the new Red Alert 3 Idol? And of course check out the best Kane's...

GameReplays Hardware Wizards

Sunday, 22 Jun 2008
GameReplays Hardware has just released a couple of Hardware Wizards.These wizards can help you in choosing the right components for your computer or you can get advice for buying a laptop.At present there are four hardware wizards, these are about:- Motherboards- Desktop Processors- Internal...

Command School 9 is out!

Saturday, 14 Jun 2008
This week, Greg Kasavin explains the uses and importance of hotkeys with some starter shortcuts to get you going. And another faction breakdown, Traveller 59; use those sinister cultists, powerful prodigy, and lightning fast ravagers to great effect. Finally, check out the user submitted strategy...