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Season 1 Launches on July 13th!

By ibplunderin - 6th July 2010 - 20:04 PM

The competitive start for League of Legends that we have been waiting for finally has a release target. Riot is aiming for July 13th to bring out the Season 1 Patch that will begin ranked games and draft mode.

While Season 1 may start next week, it will still be receiving key features such as replays and observer mode and also the regular new champions and skins.

One such champion that is going to come out during Season 1 is Xin Zhao who also has a developer diary discussing how they develop new champions.

Gentlemen and ladies of the League of Legends

We've been doing a whole lot of talking about Season One lately, and I am sure that you're all wondering when exactly you'll be able to start indulging in the epic new features that come with it. Well, today, Iím here to officially share with you that we are targeting the 13th of July for the launch of Season One. That's right, Runeterrans, your long wait is nearly over! This time next week you'll be firing up your first ranked games in competitive Season One! I hope you're all prepared! Source: League of Legends

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