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C&C Games 75% Off on Steam

Thursday, 25 Aug 2016
Command & Conquer games are 75% off on Steam for the weekend! This is your chance to get that title that you're missing, commanders. The European prices are the same for all five titles available...

Paradox Summer Sale (Up to 80% Off)

Sunday, 21 Aug 2016
Gamers take note, Paradox games are now once again on sale for the second half of the summer, just before students everywhere return back to school! With this new sale Paradox has issued up to 80%...

THQ Nordic

Saturday, 20 Aug 2016
Nordic Games, the Austria-based developer, was previously unheard of prior to 2013 when it was thrust into the spotlight upon revered game publisher THQ's bankruptcy and fire sale of IPs to various...

8-Bit Hordes released today!

Friday, 12 Aug 2016
8-Bit Hordes will be released today! For only $15 you can pick up a copy. It is even a better deal if you already own 8-Bit Armies, because it will give you a huge discount, making it only $5 to...

Cossacks 3

Monday, 8 Aug 2016
GSC Game World, the Ukrainian developer behind the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, are rebooting the esteemed RTS Cossack franchise. The sequel to 2005's Cossack II: Napoleonic Wars is simply entitled...

8 Bit Hordes is Coming!

Friday, 5 Aug 2016
In the last few weeks Petroglyph made a interesting announcement. Instead of adding extra DLC to 8-Bit Armies, they decided to create a totally different game that adds extra factions and features....

Assault Marine Reveal!

Friday, 5 Aug 2016
May not be a giant super unit with gattling guns and rockets, but still incredibly important, Relic has revealed the Assault Marines! We have already seen a bit of them from the gameplay trailer so...

Nintendo NX

Thursday, 4 Aug 2016
Hot off the heels of re-releasing the NES, Nintendo is back in the console spotlight, this time courtesy of an article from the folks over at Eurogamer.Nintendo's upcoming NX will be a portable,...

Imperial Knight Solaria Reveal!

Sunday, 24 Jul 2016
Relic has once again started to release some new information at us and this time it comes in the flavour of Solaria, the Imperial Knight super unit, from house Varlock, from planet Cyprus Ultima....

The Ultimate Collection on Sale at G2A

Friday, 22 Jul 2016
Greetings Commanders,G2A have their weekly sale and this time The Ultimate Collection is in there too! It's 77% off and goes for $7,50 or 6,75. The sale will end in little over 2 days, so be fast!...

The NES Is Back!

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016
On July 14th, Nintendo announced the return of their much venerated Nintendo Entertainment System, but with a surprising twist! The gaming giant is releasing a small-scaled version of the retro...

The Paradox Interactive Games Portal Has Been Launched

Monday, 4 Jul 2016
GameReplays.org is proud to announce the launch of the Paradox Interactive Games portal, a new section devoted to the developments of Paradox Interactive and their games. In addition...