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C&C:Online Released!

Monday, 30 Jun 2014
Greetings commanders. I am delighted to announce that C&C:Online, the replacement hosting service for the Command and Conquer games affected by the GameSpy closure (Generals, Zero Hour, C&C 3...
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C&C:Online - New Online Service Announcement

Saturday, 21 Jun 2014
Commanders, I am pleased to be able to reveal more details of C&C:Online, the new online service set to provide hosting for the Command and Conquer games affected by the imminent closure of GameSpy...

Original Planetary Annihilation Soundtrack Released!

Friday, 6 Jun 2014
Annihilators! Uber have recorded, mixed, mastered and released the official soundtrack to Planetary Annihilation. Needless to say, they haven't disappointed; there's everything you'd expect from an...

The end of an era

Monday, 2 Jun 2014
Commanders today marks the end of an era. A little over eleven years ago Command & Conquer Generals was released. Generals was the first Commander & Conquer title under the Electronic Arts...

Grey Goo Beta Sign-ups Opened

Friday, 16 May 2014
Sign-ups have opened for the public beta testing stage of Grey Box and Petroglyph's eagerly awaited new RTS title, Grey Goo."Hey forum peeps! Since the latest website update, you may have noticed...
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Online Services to Continue Until 30 June

Sunday, 11 May 2014
Electronic Arts, the publisher of Command and Conquer Generals, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 have announced that, despite the announcement by...
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Post your defense here and win free funds!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014
Good day Commanders it is time for another contest from your friends at GameReplays.org. Today's contest involves posting a screenshot of your defense and there will be two winnersThe highest...

PAX East 3 Day Pass Giveaway

Monday, 17 Mar 2014
Greybox, one the publishers of Grey Goo wants to hook you up! They are currently holding a giveaway for several three day passes to the PAX East event in Boston, MA on April 11-13, 2014! Currently...

Grey Goo Announced!

Saturday, 15 Mar 2014
Grey Goo, a new Real Time Strategy game from Petroglyph (read: early Command and Conquer Vets) was announced earlier this week. Grey Goo promises to bring back the traditional RTS values that many...
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Forgotten Counter Attacks Question & Answer

Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014
Good day Commanders! Recently GameReplays own methuselah got an opportunity to visit with the folks at EASY to discuss the new Forgotten counter attacks server opening on March 5th. The server is...
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From the Mobile Infantry to the Mobile Base: A Study in Battlefield Mobility

Thursday, 6 Mar 2014
From the Mobile Infantry to the Mobile Base - A Study in Battlefield MobilityInOps Publication. September 9, 2071Before the development of railroads in the 19th century, infantry armies got to the...

The Sid Meier Humble Bundle!

Wednesday, 5 Feb 2014
For the next 13 days, you pay what you want for eight amazing Sid Meier games in the Humble Bundle! All games are available on steam only and those included are as follows: Sid Meier's Civilization...