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Chat to the 8-Bit Armies Devs live!

Friday, 22 Apr 2016
With the release of 8-Bit Armies, developer Petroglyph has made it's 8-Bit Armies developer chat room public for all to join in the discussion! So stop by and chat away with them! They're also...

8-Bit Armies is Live + Launch Streams!

Friday, 22 Apr 2016
The time has come commanders, in approximately 4 hours 8-Bit Armies will launch, steam games will be unlocked and thousands of players will jump into this 8-Bit warzone for the first time. At...

Netput plays 8-Bit Armies and shares his thoughts

Thursday, 21 Apr 2016
Petroglyph was so kind to lift the NDA for GameReplays.org. Therefore we didn't hesitate and recorded a video as soon as possible! In this video you will find a global overview about what is in the...

Exclusive 8-Bit Armies interview

Thursday, 21 Apr 2016
We've had the chance to ask the developer, Petroglyph, a few questions about their new upcoming game 8-Bit Armies. The game will be released this Friday, April 22. If you are still unsure about...

8-Bit Armies section launched!

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016
Today, GameReplays.org is proud to launch our 8-Bit Armies section! The game is due to release on April 22 (this Friday!). Make sure you get your copy for only $15. If you're still undecided about...

Getting too know your Overwatch Heroes: Bastion

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016
What's up everyone, OneCabal^ back here to introduce another hero that goes by the name Bastion. This hero is the only one of two non-humans in the game (the other non-human is Zenyatta). Today I...

Blizzcon Tickets On Sale Wednesday

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2016
The first batch of BlizzCon 2016 tickets will go on sale Wednesday, April 20 at 7 p.m. PDT through Universe—visit www.universe.com/blizzcon2016 at that time for the chance to buy yours.Click here...

Play Overwatch® FREE May 5–9 During the Open Beta

Monday, 18 Apr 2016
Prepare to clash on the battlefields of tomorrow and take your place in the ranks of Overwatch®—a legendary force of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities—in the Open Beta! Assemble your...

GameFront to Close Permanently on 30 April

Friday, 15 Apr 2016
Gaming news and file storage web site, GameFront announced yesterday that it will close down permanently on 30 April. GameFront is Closing Down April 30, 2016To all of our loyal fans and site...

BFME2 1.08.01 Gameplay Cast

Friday, 15 Apr 2016
Hi everyone, Destroyer has been kind enough to cast a beta match for the upcoming BFME2 Patch. This will give you a reasonably good idea of what to expect when it launches.Credits to Mathijs and...

Play Overwatch @ PAX East 2016

Friday, 15 Apr 2016
PAX East commencing in 3...2...1....GENERAL INFORMATION:What: An annual celebration of gaming culture and communityWhere: Boston Convention & Exhibition CenterWhen: April 22–24, 2016Head on over to...

8-Bit Armies release date, price and website!

Thursday, 14 Apr 2016
Petroglyph has released their new website for 8-bit Armies, their brand new classic RTS game. This isn’t all, they also revealed the release date and the price for the game! Let’s start with the...