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Special Feature

Comrades, we're recruiting!

Sunday, 27 Sep 2015
Greetings Comrades! The Red Alert 3 section here on Gamereplays.org and Red3.org are looking for new staff members to join our game team. Red Alert 3 is the newest of the Command and...

Kane's Wrath Player Spotlight: Wookibert

Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015
Welcome, one and all, to another installment of our Kane's Wrath Player Spotlight! This time we're featuring Wookibert (aka BootyWarrior), who has become a household name in the Kane's Wrath...

GameReplays.org welcomes modders!

Monday, 21 Sep 2015
Today I have the pleasure of unveiling the first of our new staff positions to you, introducing modders! For too long now we've been disregarding those great members out there whose knowledge is in...

Seen our videos tab? Here's what you've been missing...

Monday, 21 Sep 2015
Here on gamereplays.org, our commentators are striving to bring you some of the best games out there in OpenRA! If you've not yet found our OpenRA video tab, then head on over to catch some more...
Special Feature

Generals, we're recruiting!

Monday, 21 Sep 2015
Greetings Generals! The Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour sections here on Gamereplays.org are looking for new staff members to join our game teams. Despite the age of these titles,...
Special Feature

Throwback: Rise of the 300

Sunday, 20 Sep 2015
Over the years we have published many epic pieces of content. One of the ones that really stands out is this two-part video series by Excalibur and FotosKaroullas from December 2009, simulating the...

Act of Aggression released tomorrow!

Tuesday, 1 Sep 2015
Act of Aggression, the new RTS title from Eugen System will be released September 2nd! Act of Aggression will be the spiritual successor of Act of War. A pearl from the golden days of RTS. Eugen...

Grey Goo Tournament Series - Estimated Prize Pool USD 75,000

Wednesday, 26 Aug 2015
Greetings Commanders, we have big news for you! Grey Goo just posted this on their official Facebook page:Get ready to compete in the Grey Goo Tournament Series for an estimated $75,000 in total...

King of the Hill update!

Saturday, 15 Aug 2015
**SPOILER ALERT** Greetings ladies and gentlemen! A new day has arrived, and with it a big upset in the GameReplays' King of the Hill tournament! Our beloved king Szalami1 has been dethroned by...
Special Feature

Suggest a Mission and Win 15k Tiberium Alliances Funds!

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015
Good day Commanders! Players always want to have input into their games and the Command & Conquer community is no different. Well here is your chance! Our friends at Envision Entertainment want...

Interview With Valheru

Sunday, 9 Aug 2015
Today, we are happy to interview our honored BFME 2 expert, Val'. Surprisingly has never been interviewed and is now being interviewed for the first time in 10 years! Onyx: Hey there Val'! Would...

Meet the Cartel

Friday, 7 Aug 2015
Following the mega patch v.401 update, the Act of Aggression development team have released a trailer showcasing the final faction to be revealed, the Cartel a technologically advanced faction with...