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Cheating, Spamming & Real Life

Sunday, 9 Mar 2014
I'm not much of a blogger, most blogs are too much about the author for my tastes but I don't know how else to present this so my apologies in advance if this is terribly uninteresting. First a...

For the Lulz: Flappy Kane!

Monday, 24 Feb 2014
Are you distraught at the lack of flappy bird on the app store? Still Addicted? Just want something new to try to pass the time at work? Well now we've got the perfect answer to your...

Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Vs. Rise of the Witch-king - Excalibur's Blog

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013
Seeing as players always argue about those two games with many opinions like they are completely different, I gathered as much as possible info I could from both sides and decided to write this...

Why The Generals Series is Exceptional.

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012
The Generals series has always been very special to me, but not for some reasons which you may believe. I don't personally think it's the best game in the world, nor do I play it every day - in...

[World 16] Second GameReplays alliance opened

Saturday, 2 Jun 2012
Great news, Commanders!We are glad to announce that GameReplays founded a secondary alliance - GameReplays2.Thanks to a merge with our previous allies Reapers, we now have two alliance representing...

Rotwk Gaming Skill - Excalibur's Blog

Sunday, 27 May 2012
There are some things about RotWK that players will never come into agreement. Things like which strategies are most effective against certain match-ups and situations, which is the best faction,...

Will's Blog: Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2012
Corsair has been a major player in the RAM market for some time now, and has slowly been introducing new lines in related fields. After launching a line of headsets in 2010, it's now moving fully...

Memories of the Past - Excalibur's Blog

Sunday, 22 Jan 2012
What's the thing that made us love the game? The majority of the BFME community has probably come to the game by watching the movies. The Lord of the Rings trilogy that made us watch it again and...

CO's Blog: Guild Wars 2 Recap

Sunday, 1 Jan 2012
A lot has happened since my Previous Blog: the long expected MMORPG Guild Wars 2 (GW2) has finally revealed all of its professions. Itís time for a quick recap I'd say but first let me explain a...

Remox's Blog: If You're Going to Play, Don't Play

Saturday, 10 Dec 2011
This is my first opinion based blog, naturally elo-free, kind-hearted and as multi-sided as possible. Of course that is really impossible because "opinion based blog" is an oxymoron. People only...