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Features and Articles

Special Feature

Screenshot Competition - The Winner!

Sunday, 26 Apr 2015
Our screenshot competition is over and we are excited to announce the winner! It has been a wonderful competition with 36 total submissions. We thank each and every one of you for your time and...
Special Feature

A New Chapter for Tiberium Alliances

Monday, 13 Apr 2015
Friends and Commanders, We are proud to serve such a dedicated community, and are excited to write today with news of the next chapter in the life and history of Tiberium Alliances. Command &...
Special Feature

Screenshot Contest Announcement - Win the Game!

Monday, 6 Apr 2015
To celebrate the opening of our new community, we are hosting a screenshot competition for all survivors! The winner will receive a free copy of the game, allowing you to share the game with your...
Special Feature

Tiberium Alliances Classic is back!

Thursday, 12 Feb 2015
Commanders! It seems that the Forgotten were not as merciful as some of you thought. So to oblige to some of the feedback and ideas that were expressed lately, we are happy to let you know...
Special Feature

WS 2015 is about to start soon! Prepare yourself, General!

Sunday, 8 Feb 2015
The WS2015 is about to start next month and the players are already fighting each other to get a place in this big Event. If you'd like to participate too, feel free to read our previous Portal...
Special Feature

Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 Stats and Ladders Enabled

Saturday, 6 Dec 2014
Greetings, commanders and comrades! I am pleased to announce that statistics recording and automatic 1v1 and 2v2 ranked ladders have been enabled for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Command &...
Special Feature

Best Base Layout Contest! Win Stuff!

Friday, 21 Nov 2014
Good day Commanders it is time for another Tiberium Alliances funds giveaway from your friends at gamereplays.org! Today we want you share your best base......and tell us why! If you have a base...
Special Feature

Mark Skaggs offers to assist Generals modders

Thursday, 23 Oct 2014
Mark Skaggs recently announced on Facebook that was impressed with the Generals modding community and wanted to get involved. For those of you that don't know, Mark is (per his Twitter bio) a Game...
Special Feature

C&C Generals and Zero Hour Stats and Ladders Enabled

Friday, 12 Sep 2014
Greetings Generals! I am pleased to announce that statistics recording and, for the very first time in the games' histories, automatic 1v1 ranked ladders have been enabled for Command and Conquer...
Special Feature

Grey Goo Q&A at GamesCom 2014

Thursday, 28 Aug 2014
GameReplays.Org attended GamesCom last week and we filmed plenty of video material during the event. This questions & answers session was held at the Grey Goo Community party on Saturday night. Be...