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7 Days to Die - The Interview

Monday, 16 Nov 2015
Hey Survivalists! Check out the recent interview with the Fun Pimps by zombie site, the Dead Times.Welcome back undead fans. Today is a massive day for The Dead Times - most definitely the most...
Special Feature

Guide to the new C&C:Online features and web site

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015
Welcome back, Generals, Commanders and Comrades. We're pleased to unveil some new features and facilities on C&C:Online and Shatabrick! A brief tour You can join C&C:Online and set up your...
Special Feature

StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void is here!

Saturday, 24 Oct 2015
Hello fellow StarCraft fans, today we have a very special announcement that will once again begin a new era in the StarCraft series. Blizzard has introduced StarCract 2: Legacy of the Void, the...
Special Feature

Comrades, we're recruiting!

Sunday, 27 Sep 2015
Greetings Comrades! The Red Alert 3 section here on Gamereplays.org and Red3.org are looking for new staff members to join our game team. Red Alert 3 is the newest of the Command and...

Kane's Wrath Player Spotlight: Wookibert

Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015
Welcome, one and all, to another installment of our Kane's Wrath Player Spotlight! This time we're featuring Wookibert (aka BootyWarrior), who has become a household name in the Kane's Wrath...
Special Feature

Generals, we're recruiting!

Monday, 21 Sep 2015
Greetings Generals! The Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour sections here on Gamereplays.org are looking for new staff members to join our game teams. Despite the age of these titles,...
Special Feature

Throwback: Rise of the 300

Sunday, 20 Sep 2015
Over the years we have published many epic pieces of content. One of the ones that really stands out is this two-part video series by Excalibur and FotosKaroullas from December 2009, simulating the...
Special Feature

Suggest a Mission and Win 15k Tiberium Alliances Funds!

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015
Good day Commanders! Players always want to have input into their games and the Command & Conquer community is no different. Well here is your chance! Our friends at Envision Entertainment want...

Interview With Valheru

Sunday, 9 Aug 2015
Today, we are happy to interview our honored BFME 2 expert, Val'. Surprisingly has never been interviewed and is now being interviewed for the first time in 10 years! Onyx: Hey there Val'! Would...
Special Feature

The Lighthouse: GBHMichael

Friday, 7 Aug 2015
Greetings comrades, and welcome once more to The Red3 Lighthouse. Our next highlight player is NaCl.GBHMichael! You can catch Michael speed-running and playing various games on his Twitch channel....