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Features and Articles

Special Feature

New Kane's Wrath Expert: Phoenix'

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2016
On rare occasion, a player reaches a level of skill, knowledge and achievement that allows them properly to be described as an expert. Today, we are delighted to announce that we have recognized...
Special Feature

8-Bit Armies 1v1 ladder!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016
Greetings! After we launched the 8-Bit Armies Match History earlier, with great pride we are happy to announce our very first automated ladder:The 8-Bit Armies 1v1 ladder! Each 1v1 game that is...
Special Feature

8-Bit Armies Match History

Monday, 9 May 2016
Greetings! We are pleased to announce the long awaited, yet non-expected Game-Match-History launch for all the online played matches on 8-Bit Armies! Now everyone can see the latest matches played...

How Overwatch Came To Be

Saturday, 7 May 2016
Blizzard has released a three-part documentary on the making of Overwatch. The first and second part explains how Overwatch came to be; you may have heard of the costly failure and fall of Titan,...

Exclusive 8-Bit Armies interview

Thursday, 21 Apr 2016
We've had the chance to ask the developer, Petroglyph, a few questions about their new upcoming game 8-Bit Armies. The game will be released this Friday, April 22. If you are still unsure about...

Getting to know your Overwatch Heroes: Bastion

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016
What's up everyone, OneCabal^ back here to introduce another hero that goes by the name Bastion. This hero is the only one of two non-humans in the game (the other non-human is Zenyatta). Today I...

A guide to understanding netcode

Wednesday, 13 Apr 2016
In almost all modern FPS games, the server maintains the game state. This is important to prevent cheating, but leads to some of the issues people experience. In a client-server game design, there...

Getting to know your Overwatch Heroes: Tracer

Sunday, 10 Apr 2016
Today I will be introducing one of the heroes in Overwatch that goes by the name of Tracer. Now I understand the game has not been released yet, but I have been fortunate enough to play the game...

Command & Conquer 3 Goes Mobile!

Friday, 1 Apr 2016
EA announces they're bringing Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath to the mobile platform!With the releases of Red Alert 3 for IOS and Tiberian Twilight (C&C:4)...
Special Feature

Red Alert 3: History of Events

Monday, 21 Mar 2016
Greetings commanders!As a kind of “new-gen” top player, I have been curious about what actually happened back in the golden days of RA3. What kinds of events were hosted, what were the prizes and...