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66% off all Command & Conquer titles on Steam!

Saturday, 6 Feb 2016
Commanders and Comrades! Steam are offering, for a limited time, the Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3 and Tiberian Twilight titles at the knock down price of 3,39€. The offer ends on...

Technique Wins the Grey Goo $75,000 Tournament

Thursday, 4 Feb 2016
Good evening everybody. We present you with a quick summary of the event that unfolded at PAX South during the weekend.Recently GreyBox, the creators of the latest RTS game Grey Goo, hosted a...

50% off Act of Aggression!

Tuesday, 2 Feb 2016
Great news! If you've not yet gone out of your way to pick up your copy of Act of Aggression in any of the multiple winter sales, then here's another chance; as it's currently 50% off on Steam!...

RotWK Screenshot Competition

Tuesday, 2 Feb 2016
Greetings Warriors of Middle-earth!The time has come for us to announce another Screenshot Competition (formerly known as Screenshot of the Week), where one has the opportunity to show the...

Alpha 13.7 is Out!

Friday, 29 Jan 2016
Hey Survivalist,We have an Alpha 13 patch out now and here is a status update on 14.We’re working hard on Alpha 14 and it has some great new content. Here are the highlights: Navezgane has gotten a...

GameReplays.org Award of Honor Ceremony #1

Thursday, 28 Jan 2016
Ladies and Gentlemen of the GameReplays.org staff and members, it is the Administration team's honor today to give out the most prestigious award of the site,The GameReplays.org Award of...

Ark Survival Evolved - International Modding Contest

Friday, 15 Jan 2016
Recently, GameReplays.org announced the launch of our Ark Survival Evolved Server; but now there's even more of a reason to give the game a try. Ark Survival Developer Studio Wildcard has just...

New "Twitch Plays" Category Announced

Thursday, 14 Jan 2016
Ever since the infamous Twitch Plays Pokemon back in 2014 which had over 36 million views, there have been numerous other channels pop up using the same idea: Twitch Plays Robot, Twitch Plays Dark...

GameReplays.org Ark Survival Evolved Server

Wednesday, 13 Jan 2016
GameReplays.org is proud to announce an all new Ark Survival Evolved Server! This server is a PVP mode on the custom map Valhalla! In addition to the Valhalla map the server is also running several...

EA Announces Origin Access

Wednesday, 13 Jan 2016
Electronic Arts has just announced a new subscription service to a selection of "great games" played through Origin. Origin Access costs £3.99/€3.99/$4.99 per month for access to 15 full versions...