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Dawn of War Steam Keys for Retail Owners

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016
The folks over at PC Gamer have reported that SEGA are currently offering all owners of the original boxed copies of Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War free Steam keys. This means that if you have damaged...

ZAM Jason Bender Game Design Interview

Tuesday, 29 Nov 2016
Following up from their earlier interview with former C&C developer Jason Bender on the workings of BattleCast PrimeTime, the folks over at ZAM are once again back with an outtake interview with...

Blog: Titanfall 2 Deserves Better

Tuesday, 29 Nov 2016
At the start, I merely wanted to make this article a newspost on how Amazon and Origin were both offering huge discounts on Titanfall 2 just a month into its launch and ahead of the Black Friday...

C&C Games On Steam Autumn Sale

Wednesday, 23 Nov 2016
Steam is running an autumn sale on, and you know what that means! Their entire library is also reduced in cost, and that also goes for Command & Conquer games! Individual titles are 75% off, while...

C&C Games On Origin Black Friday Sale

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016
Attention, commanders, comrades and generals! EA is running a Black Friday sale on their Origin platform, meaning their entire library is reduced in cost. This, of course, also goes for Command &...

ZAM Jason Bender BCPT Interview

Sunday, 20 Nov 2016
Gaming site Zam.com's Eron Rauch has recently interviewed Jason Bender who is an industry veteran, the lead designer of the console port of Diablo III and also former developer at EA Los...

EA New Influencer Rules

Thursday, 17 Nov 2016
PC Gamer, in a recent article, reported that Electronic Arts has announced new disclosure rules and guidelines in an attempt to increase its transparency standards. Said announcement had been made...

Sci-Fi Addict Red Alert Article

Thursday, 17 Nov 2016
Continuing on the recent string of articles on Red Alert coinciding with its 20th Anniversary, the website Sci-Fi Addicts have recently published an article discussing on the plausibility of the...

Iron Harvest: 1920 +

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016
German developers King Art Games have recently announced on Facebook that they are developing a Steampunk RTS game titled Iron Harvest based on the alternate world history known as 1920+ made by...


Saturday, 12 Nov 2016
StormCube Games, an up-and-coming studio made up of seasoned veterans from the former Crytek Budapest have just rcently announced the development of their next title, an RTS game called...