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Rise of the Witchking

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Demise of Dol Amroth

By ultrazero - 30th June 2007 - 17:16 PM

Tip of the Day

IPB Image

Demise of the KoDa

hello all and welcome to another tip of the day biggrin.gif . Todays tip will deal with countering KoDa AKA Knights of Dol amroth. This guys are used to sneak your fortress also known as own your stuff sad.gif . Anyway this tip is about making your base able to defend against these tanks. Now on 2 the tip. (Note in the screenie I have a men of the west base but every side can do what I do in the Screenies wink.gif ) This tip is kinda short but still interesting smile.gif

Now first off we need to buy a couple upgrades on our fortess once we see a level 2 stable we need to buy upgrades and prepare our base. Here are the two you need to buy. Flaming muntions and the upgrade that gives your fortress more armor. This way your fortress can destroy the knights faster while taking less damage.

IPB Image

Next we need to put arrow towers on all the plots by the fortress.This will ensure that the knights can't touch your fortress. With this done your fortress is secure. But what about your production buildings and Resource Buildings eyebrow.gif Well there's an easy answer to that, pikes. Since KoDa are mounted they're weak to pikes. put the pikes in porcupine on the furthest corner of th building. Make sure they have Forged blades and heavy armor.( Also weak to magic so elves in towers with silverthorn would be the a good counter) 1 pike will lose to the kinghts but the one by the building meant to hold them off till your other pikes get to where the knights are

This base is a normal one and it would get raped by knights. The reason being there's no piks guarding anything no flaming muntions or anything of that sort

IPB Image

This base has the best defense against knights.(They may get some farms but with some more pikes it would be fine)

IPB Image

This concludes this tip of the day

The age of KoDa is over, The time of there death has come

By: Thegobking,Isengard Strategy mod