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June 2v2 Tournament Brackets & Details
Announcing the June 2v2 Tournament!
Sir Christopher Lee Passes Away
May ClanWars Results
May 1v1 Tournament Results

Rise of the Witch King News and Updates


June 2v2 Tournament Brackets & Details

Thursday, 18 Jun 2015
The brackets for the June 2v2 tournament are ready! In total, 10 teams & 20 players have signed up. The full list is below. The Participants IceVice & Hindu (Group A) ConquerorOfSweg & Lazarus (Group B) _GooNer_ & senne1996 (Group A) DreadReapr & ArCh4Ng3L (Group B) Eonwe^ & StrayHeart (Group A)...

Announcing the June 2v2 Tournament!

Saturday, 13 Jun 2015
Hello all! We will be hosting another tournament this month and this time it will be 2v2! Players will be free to choose any partner they wish to play with them throughout the event. Unlike the last few tournaments, this tournament will take place over 10 days, from Friday, June 19th at 12:00 AM...

Sir Christopher Lee Passes Away

Friday, 12 Jun 2015
Sir Christopher Lee, 27 May 1922 7 June 2015. Christopher, aged 93, has passed away and leaves behind and incredible legacy of acting that will remain with us forever. Lee was an English actor, singer and author. His career spanned almost 70 years, and became best known by his portrayals of...

May ClanWars Results

Wednesday, 3 Jun 2015
A successful ClanWars month has ended with many games being played each day. Our replay section was filled with many new ClanWars games as well. Be sure to check them out!The May CW month has ended with the below results:Top 10 WarriorsTop 10 ClansMauHuR has won the Gold Warrior Cup with an...

May 1v1 Tournament Results

Monday, 1 Jun 2015
Another exciting tournament has reached its conclusion! Plenty of games were played between some of the best players around and we expect to have some great casts from our awesome commentators soon!We offer our sincere apologies for the delay in starting the tournament. Quite a few players failed...
Special Feature

No-CD Guide

Monday, 25 May 2015
This guide explains how to play Rise of the Witch-king without a DVD. This is useful for players who don't own a working disc or who just want to save time by not having to constantly insert it before starting the game. Fortunately, running the game without a disc is simple. The procedure will...

May 1v1 Tournament

Saturday, 23 May 2015
The many ClanWars games played this month might have prepared players for another 1v1 Tournament. With numerous strong faces around we expect this to be a very entertaining and competitive event. Take note, there is no sign-up limit so some bracket abnormalities may occur.Interested participants...

Mayday, Mayday!

Thursday, 21 May 2015
ATTENTION! Furious battling has broken out! The 2.02 community has been flashing its competitive side this month, and just recently ClanWars has reached a one day game count that it hasn't seen for an age.After the dust settled, May 20th:The overall rankings (as of the night of May 20th):It seems...
Special Feature

Sunday Special: Game of the Century

Sunday, 10 May 2015
It's time for our Sunday Special! This is a commentary of one of the most popular replays in a long time! It's sep vs. Lazarus in a very...unconventional game. Featuring surprise twists and epic classical music, this is a video you cannot afford to miss! Players sep VS. LazarusVideo...
Strategy Guide

Trolling a Troll

Thursday, 7 May 2015
Hello there, this guide will explain how to kill a troll without losing your own units. This is very important, especially on certain maps like Nanduhirion, and many new players have a problem dealing with the troll lairs. The standard procedure is to just send pikemen with defensive stance to...

Featured Commentary: Revenge of the Mumakil!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015
We have a new commentary to feature! This was a really fun 1v1 ClanWars game on Fords of Isen II that shows that the game ain't over till it's over! Featuring Mumakil that showed up for some awesome revenge. Well played by both players. Players May-Shadow VS. S.P.Q.R.Video...


Tuesday, 5 May 2015
The FINALS of the April 2015 GameReplay.org tournament. An epic game between two powerhouse players, both vying for the #1 spot in the tournament. Both players managed to defeat three other players in convincing 2-0 fashion, making each of them appear invincible. However, the tournament can have...

2.02 Party this Sunday

Monday, 4 May 2015
Folks gather around, it's time for a merry party on Sunday, the 10th of May. Get online to chat, have a good time, and most importantly: to play a lot of games on 2.02! Whether you like Towerwars, FFA, 1v1 try hard mode, comp stomp or the fabled 4v4 games, it does not matter, for everyone will...

2.02 and the Return of the King

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015
Greetings Rise of the Witch-king players! As many of you know, we are currently preparing for the next version of 2.02. We plan to release more information about what to expect in version 5.0 in the near future, but for now we have a pretty big update. Today I am announcing that Forlong has...

April Tournament Results

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015
Dear Rise of the Witch-king players, GameReplays recently hosted a tournament on April 26, 2015 via Gameranger. Here are the results! Akashi-San (formerly known as Andy^), RotWK Expert and 2.02 Developer, earned 3rd place. Megrim, who earned 2nd place in the last tournament, managed to repeat the...

April Tournament Announced!

Friday, 17 Apr 2015
It's time for another Rise of the Witch-king tournament! This event is a simple 16 player best of three single elimination tournament. Interested participants should read the Standard Tournament Rules before signing up. Tournaments are a guaranteed way to get games, so don't miss this chance....

April 2.02 Mentor/Mentee Program Begins!

Saturday, 11 Apr 2015
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce the beginning of the Rise of the Witch-king April 2.02 Mentor/Mentee Program! The program will run from Saturday, April 11th until Sunday, May 10th. Mentoring teams may choose to extend their mentoring sessions beyond this date if they wish, but this...
Strategy Guide

The Golden Rule of Three

Thursday, 2 Apr 2015
When it comes to competitive games, Rise of the Witch-king is a very challenging one. It offers a wide variety of units, abilities, and strategies...and every minut decision can have great influence on a game's outcome. In this tip we would like to emphasize three of the most important things...

Powers Can Save You - Commentary

Wednesday, 25 Mar 2015
Our newest featured commentary covers an older replay from 2.02 version 3.0.1. This was a truly fun game to watch. Both players fought hard for control of the Fords of Isen but ultimately only one side could be victorious. Forlong, who previously worked on the 2.02 patch, had the following to say...

Screenshot of the Week Winner (20/03/2015)

Monday, 23 Mar 2015
We have recently resurrected The Screenshot of the Week competition, and we have a new winner! The Smoking Man™ managed to beat his competitors with an awesome troll rampage on Nanduhirion! Here is his screenshot: The winner receives a special badge to show off his triumph while the winning...

April 2.02 Mentor/Mentee Sign-ups

Saturday, 21 Mar 2015
We are happy to announce the return of the 2.02 Mentor/Mentee program! The program will run for the duration of the month of April. For those of you who don't know, a mentor/mentee program pairs newer players to competitive RotWK and/or 2.02 (mentees) with experienced players (mentors). Mentors...

Witch-King's Hour this Saturday

Wednesday, 18 Mar 2015
This Saturday, Witch-King's Hour (think happy hour) officially begins at 15:00 GMT. The Witch-King's Hour is a day-long 2.02 party where every RotWK player is invited to simply log in and play a few games. This is not a tournament, so play as much of whatever type of RotWK game you desire.Like...

MauHuR vs. Megrim - Feb Tournament Finals Game 1

Monday, 16 Mar 2015
And so begins the finals of the February 2015 Single Day Tournament. After a grueling day of death, destruction, and Rise of the Witch King, only two players remain. MauHur, strategy specialist, faces off against his final challenger, Megrim, fabled warrior of the west. As the winner-take-all...

Heroes & Cavalry Elven Mirror - Commentary

Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015
It's time for another featured commentary! This time we're looking at a classic Fords of Isen II 1v1 on 2.02 V4.0. Both players were Elves, which made things particularly interesting as they were forced to test their strategies against each other. One player really liked heroes, the other...