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Gamereplays is looking for Artists!
The RotWK Teamleague Announced!
October Tournaments Announcement
Rotwk Experience Guide
Angmar Build Orders

Rise of the Witch King News and Updates


Gamereplays is looking for Artists!

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016
Good Day! Here at Gamereplays.org we're looking for new Artists to join our game teams! When your a staff member at any level, you'll get some nice extra perks. These include a larger inbox and access to the staff areas of Gamereplays.org. However Artists get some extra perks, which are basic...

The RotWK Teamleague Announced!

Sunday, 25 Sep 2016
Attention warriors of Middle-earth: we are announcing a completely new format for RotWK's competitive sceneThis new format will be all about two teams rivalling against each other over the span of several weeks in an effort to secure the prized trophy, and in a fashion we have never had...

October Tournaments Announcement

Friday, 23 Sep 2016
Hey all!This month we'll be taking a different approach to tournaments. We'll be hosting 2 separate tournaments, a FFA tournament and an all new 'King under the Mountain' tournament. You will be able to sign up for both. King under the Mountain TournamentThe battle for the Lonely Mountain begins!...

Rotwk Experience Guide

Monday, 15 Aug 2016
This guide details the RotWK experience system for patches 2.01 and 2.02 v6. There are some minor differences between the two, however, the basics are valid for either patch.Essentially, experience is a secondary resource present in the entire The Battle for Middle-Earth game series. It 'buys'...
Strategy Guide

Angmar Build Orders

Monday, 1 Aug 2016
Double Hall StartMill->Mill->HotKM->Mill->Thrallmaster->Mill->Thrallmaster->HotKM->Thrallmaster->ThrallmasterA simple build that can be followed up by many things after 1-2 more Mills:A 3rd HotKM, recommended vs. Goblins and AngmarA TaWD either as emergency reaction in case there's a high amount...
Strategy Guide

Goblin Build Orders

Monday, 25 Jul 2016
The Standart Build(s)3xororTunnel->Tunnel->Goblin Cave->Tunnel->Goblin Warriors->Goblin Cave->Goblin Warriors->Goblin Warriors->Goblin Cave->3xGoblin Warriors->Goblin Cave or Fissure or Spider PitThis build is universal and allows you to add whatever the match-up requires. Keep in mind that a...
Strategy Guide

Mordor Build Orders

Monday, 18 Jul 2016
Tripple Pit Spam into PalaceSlaughterhouse->Slaughterhouse->Orcpit->Slaughterhouse->Orcpit->Orc Warriors->Orcpit->Orc Warriors->Orc Archers->Orc Warriors->Orc Warriors->Haradrim PalaceA build that uses Orc spam as backbone of its army, granting you a lot of production but also making you fragile...

New 1v1 Tournament Approach

Wednesday, 13 Jul 2016
Hello Everyone!We will be handling tournaments a little bit differently from now on in order to get them going on a more regular basis. Instead of announcing a tournament every month, we will permanently pin a sign-up topic in the tournament forum that will be cleaned at the end of every month....
Strategy Guide

Isengard Build Orders

Monday, 11 Jul 2016
Clansteading into fast Uruk PitorFurnance->Furnance->Clansteading->Furnance->Wildmen->Uruk Pit->Wildmen->Crossbows/Uruk Pikemen->Wildmen This is the most popular and flexible build of Isengard due to the high amount of versatile Infantry very early, which grants you safety aswell as aggressive...
Strategy Guide

Dwarf Build Orders

Monday, 4 Jul 2016
The Standard Buildor orororMineshaft->Mineshaft->Hall of Warriors->Mineshaft->Guardians or Phalanxes->Mineshaft->Guardians->Mineshaft->Guardians->Hall of Warriors or Archery Range or Forge Works or Prince BrandDwarves don't have a great variety of build orders, however they do have a wide variety...
Strategy Guide

Elves Build Orders

Monday, 27 Jun 2016
Standard Start into LancersMallorn Tree -> Mallorn Tree -> Barracks -> Mallorn Tree -> Lorien Warriors -> Mallorn Tree -> Infantry -> Green Pasture -> Infantry -> Rivendell LancersThis is the best all-round build for Elves as it works against any faction except Dwarves. The player can vary his...
Strategy Guide

Men of the West Build Orders

Monday, 20 Jun 2016
Standard Buildoror orFarm->Farm->Barracks->Farm->SoG->Farm->Sog->Sog/Rohan Pikemen->Archery Range/Stables/BaracksChoose pikemen if you expect cavalry from your opponent or if you want to kill a lair. If you think you can defend a fifth farm with only Barracks units then you can delay the 2nd...
Strategy Guide

Extended Stealth Guide

Monday, 13 Jun 2016
Welcome to my extended guide on the use of stealth - a feature seldom used to drive opponents crazy. The reason why good stealth moves are not seen very often is because they require a certain awareness of the abilities and opportunities, aswell as preparation - something most players arent used...

Revisiting the RotWK Stacking System

Friday, 3 Jun 2016
It has come to my attention that there are still many players who have not yet fully grasped the concept of RotWK's Buff / Leadership / Spell / Debuff stacking system. Therefore, I will take you guys on a short journey to jog your memory and / or clarify misconceptions. As most of the higher...

June 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament Announcement

Thursday, 26 May 2016
It's been a while since we last hosted a proper tournament, we've taken some time to think about an appropriate time and format and decided upon a 1v1 double elimination event giving players a chance to hone their 1v1 skills.Interested participants should read the Standard Tournament Rules before...

New Community Facebook Page!

Saturday, 7 May 2016
We are happy to announce that in cooperation with Revora.net, we have launched a new community Facebook page for the entire BFME series! If you are interested in keeping up with the latest content, news, events, patches, and more, be sure to give us a "like" below! Like us on Facebook!

Announcement - 2v2 May 2016 Tournament

Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Hello all! We will be hosting a tournament during the month of May and this time it will be 2v2! Players will be free to choose any partner they wish to play with them throughout the event. If you don't have a partner, you can sign up anyway and indicate that you're looking for one. We will work...

ROTWK HD Pack Now Available

Friday, 29 Apr 2016
Recently Rider Of Rohan has released a HD Texture Pack for Rise of the Witch-King.This texture pack is compatible with any version of ROTWK. The pack enables higher definition textures as demonstrated below. Note that this pack is not to be confused with the HD model pack currently being...

2.02 v6.0.0 Released!

Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016
Greetings Warriors of Middle-Earth! We are pleased to inform you that your long and anticipated wait can now be put behind you as we have officially released the next version of the 2.02 patch: v6.0.0! While the wait was longer than initially planned, we have managed to develop quite a large...
Special Feature

BFME2: HD Edition Showcase

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016
Posted by Mathijs - What is it? The BFME2: HD Edition is a model pack featuring both reworked and all-new unit and hero models.Our primary goal is to (mostly) preserve the distinctive style of BFME2's models while thoroughly polishing them up. The HD Edition is being developed by RiderOfRohan...

BFME2 1.09 Gameplay Cast

Friday, 15 Apr 2016
Hi everyone, Destroyer has been kind enough to cast a beta match for the upcoming BFME2 Patch. This will give you a reasonably good idea of what to expect when it launches.Credits to Mathijs and Rider of Rohan from TheThirdAge for their fantastic models, these will be an optional graphical...

Screenshot Competition Winner

Monday, 21 Mar 2016
In the wake of the recent Screenshot Competition, we can now announce the winner! Owing to his unique and outstanding screenshot, -Hi- has taken the win!Here is his screenshot: Along with the honour gained from this triumph, -Hi- will receive the elusive Screenshot Competition Award, and his...

Set clans and February Tournament finals brackets announced!

Monday, 29 Feb 2016
Tournament final brackets announcedThe February 1v1 round robin tournament finals series is now underway. We had a bit of a mix-up with the initial brackets as a couple of games didn't make it into the ladder. Those in the top 8 will remain there, but the positions will be changed in some cases....

RotWK Screenshot Competition

Tuesday, 2 Feb 2016
Greetings Warriors of Middle-earth! The time has come for us to announce another Screenshot Competition (formerly known as Screenshot of the Week), where one has the opportunity to show the community the coolest in-game experiences. It has been a while since we last hosted this competition, but...