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Rise of the Witch King

August 2v2 Tournament
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Rise of the Witch King Strategies

Strategy Guide

Trolling a Troll

Thursday, 7 May 2015
Hello there, this guide will explain how to kill a troll without losing your own units. This is very important, especially on certain maps like Nanduhirion, and many new players have a problem dealing with the troll lairs. The standard procedure is to just send pikemen with defensive stance to...
Strategy Guide

The Golden Rule of Three

Thursday, 2 Apr 2015
When it comes to competitive games, Rise of the Witch-king is a very challenging one. It offers a wide variety of units, abilities, and strategies...and every minut decision can have great influence on a game's outcome. In this tip we would like to emphasize three of the most important things...
Gameplay Tip

Wights on 2.02

Sunday, 23 Dec 2012
Back on the 2.01 days, the Well of Souls ability used by the Sorcerers was extremely strong against pretty much any army with less or no effort at all making the Sorcerers to be one of the most imbalanced units on the game. Had your opponent managed to effectively use it within your base, you...
Gameplay Tip

Advanced Hotkey Strategies

Friday, 19 Aug 2011
Hotkeys are an important factor in every strategy game, especially in The Rise of the Witch-king. They grant you the ability to react more quickly and to multitask more effectively. These hotkeys have been mentioned many times in guides but let's analyze them a bit more and have a look at some...
Gameplay Tip

Waypoint Strategies

Thursday, 4 Aug 2011
Waypoints may seem like they don't have many uses, but they permit some very interesting strategies. In this guide, I will analyze each situation where waypoints can be very useful. With them you can multitask - something that is always needed.1. Lead your forcesThe most common use for waypoints...
Gameplay Tip

Tricking Flying Units

Thursday, 28 Jul 2011
Flying units are known to cause a lot of trouble and can be deadly opponents. They are fast, they can pass over obstacles, and they can slowly help the player gain map control by destroying the opponent's outer economy. Flying units are hard to deal with because they can only be targeted by...
Gameplay Tip

Competitive Walling

Thursday, 21 Jul 2011
Hello and welcome to a tip about what is probably the most underused and underestimated structure in 2.02 – I am of course talking about… pause for suspense… WALLS! Most skilled players consider walls extremely lame but there are situations where walls can come in extremely handy. There are five...
Gameplay Tip

Situational Heroes

Thursday, 23 Jun 2011
We all know that not all heroes are suitable for all situations. For example, getting Shelob vs Angmar would be suicide. This guide is intended to help you not to make such dreadful decisions; and to help you understand when to use several underused heroes.Men of the WestMen have a total of eight...
Gameplay Tip

The Hills Have Eyes

Friday, 17 Jun 2011
This week's guide is about Hwaldar's Summon The Hillmen ability. This guide explains how Hwaldar, Chief of the Hillmen of Rhudaur, can defeat most heroes.At level five, Hwaldar gains the ability to summon two hordes of Rhudaur Spearmen hordes. At level ten, he summons an additional horde of...
Gameplay Tip

Fast Resource Building Construction Tip

Thursday, 9 Jun 2011
In this tip I will try to explain the most effective way to build your first two resource buildings as quickly as possible. We are talking about gaining only a few seconds, but even those few seconds are still important.The video below goes through a demonstration: Something that you may not...