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Tiberium Alliances

Tiberium Alliances For New Players

By Ace of Knavez - 9th January 2013 - 15:00 PM

Greetings Commanders! If you are a part of the Command and Conquer fanbase then you will most likely have heard, or tried the free browser game, Tiberium Alliances, but if you haven't played a game similar to it beforehand, it can all get a tad confusing! Sure, we have the tutorials at the start of the game, so you aren't completely blind joining the fight, though these tutorials will not help you grip the game fully.

That is why, like Phenomic, we have decided to highlight Tiberium Alliances community member, Maximolotov's tutorials for beginners. These videos contain tips and tricks that will help you, as a new player, to understand the game more.

Part One: Base Building & Battle Simulator Installation

Part two: Troops Selections & Upgrades

Part Three: Secrete Battle Tutorial

Tiberium Alliances is a great, free fix for all Command and Conquer fans out there. We hope that videos such as Maximolotov's will help keep, and attract new players to the game.

Found Maximolotov's tutorials helped you out? Then be sure to like and/or leave him feedback on his channel.