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Ask the Developer Segment Launched!
Championship Server Update #5
From the Mobile Infantry to the Mobile Base: A Study in Battlefield Mobility
For the Lulz: Flappy Kane!
Championship Server Update #4

Tiberium Alliances News and Updates

Special Feature

Suggest a Contest and Win Free Funds!

Friday, 25 Jul 2014
Good day Commanders! GameReplays.org loves to give away free Tiberium Alliance funds and today we're going to give away a bunch! Well not today exactly but over the next few weeks we are going to be accepting your suggestions for future contests and the top five suggestions get 2,000 Tiberium...
Special Feature

Top Player Profile - Tartan2k Closed Beta 1

Friday, 18 Jul 2014
Good day Commanders! Today gamereplays.org is proud to debut a new Tiberium Alliances feature called the "Top Player Profile." What we intend to do is visit with the very best players in Tiberium Alliances and get to know them a little bit. It seems only fitting that the first feature will...
Special Feature

Ask the Developer Winners Announced!

Wednesday, 9 Jul 2014
Good day Commanders. A few weeks ago we launched a new segment called "Ask the Developer" and today we're going to share the results of the questions you posted. I took some liberty with the questions that were posted and cleaned them up a tad. Our friends at EASY decided there were some...
Special Feature

Share your power production and win free funds!

Monday, 23 Jun 2014
Good day Commanders it is time for another opportunity to win some free Tiberium Alliance funds! Today we're looking for one random winner willing to share your power production. Here is minefrom Closed Beta 2. Post yours in our share your power topic and be sure and tell us what server. One...
Special Feature

Show us your oldest server and win free funds!

Tuesday, 3 Jun 2014
Good day Commanders! Another contest is at hand from your friends at GameReplays.org so another chance to win some free Tiberium Alliance funds! This weeks challenge is to share with us your oldest server. Here is mineShare yours with us and one random winner will get 2,000 free TA funds!...
Special Feature

Ask the Developer Segment Launched!

Friday, 23 May 2014
In honor of Tiberium Alliances 2nd anniversary party GameReplays.org is proud to announce our newest contest series. Our friends at EASY have agreed to answer questions from the Tiberium Alliance community so on regular intervals we are going to take questions from you and the best question each...
Special Feature

Tiberium Alliances Turns Two Years Old!

Thursday, 22 May 2014
Good day Commanders! Today is a memorable day as we celebrate Tiberium Alliances 2nd birthday! 890 days and counting. 249 worlds. Millions of players. And a whole bunch of fun! We're celebrating this momentous day with a treasure hunt. GameReplays.org is proud to participate in a...
Special Feature

Championship Sever Update #6

Thursday, 15 May 2014
Good day Commanders! It is time for another look at the World Championship server. What we've all known for a long time, that nVidia was going to win the inaugural Championship server has been confirmed.On their first attempt. So congratulations to the entire nVidia team, well played all! We...
Special Feature

Post your defense here and win free funds!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014
Good day Commanders it is time for another contest from your friends at GameReplays.org. Today's contest involves posting a screenshot of your defense and there will be two winnersThe highest level defense will win 2,000 Tiberium Alliances fundsOne random winner will also win 2,000 Tiberium...
Special Feature

Ugly Forgotten Base Contest!

Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014
Good day Commanders! GameReplays.org is pleased to announce another screenshot contest. This one focuses on the ugliest Forgotten base you've ever encountered. Please be creative that is most certainly part of the contest. It does not have to be the highest level, it can be a really difficult...
Special Feature

Championship Server Update #5

Friday, 7 Mar 2014
Good day Commanders! It's time for another Tiberium Alliances Championship Server update! And this one is fortuitously timed in that the countdown to victory begins today for the alliance that has dominated the server from the very beginning. Barring something really unforeseen, the commanders...
Special Feature

Forgotten Counter Attacks Question & Answer

Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014
Good day Commanders! Recently GameReplays own methuselah got an opportunity to visit with the folks at EASY to discuss the new Forgotten counter attacks server opening on March 5th. The server is a beta server and all the details can be found at tiberiumalliances.com.Enjoy! GameReplays:...