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8-Bit Armies Software Update #11! 06/03/16 - 15:00 PST

By -Netput - 3rd June 2016 - 22:33 PM

New patch, new campaign, new changes, new features and whole lot more of new, new, new! Get your hands on this awesome patch and new campaign right now!

The Guardians Campaign is HERE!

We're proud to announce the release of our GUARDIANS CAMPAIGN. This update contains lots of back-end support for 15 new campaign missions, along with a host of new achievements. For a short while the campaign is available for a 15% discount, so grab it now while it's on sale.

We are also making a deep pass against balance for our new Guardians Faction after reading through the forum feedback and playing quite a few games with all of you behind the scenes.

Finally, there were a few bug fixes that we made to the terrain editor which some of you will appreciate. We're amazed at how many maps you guys have already created and shared with others! If you're uncertain how to play some of these home-made maps, just head over to the workshop, subscribe to a few maps and they will be automatically downloaded for you in multiplayer and skirmish.

As always, we will be reviewing all communication related to the new campaign and any other balance reports for future iteration. Please let us know what you think.

Thanks for your continued support, and have fun!


GAME UPDATE #11 - 06/03 @ 15:00 (PST):

  • Support for Guardians Campaign
  • 8-Bit Armies: Audio / Event Notifications: Added individual "player eliminated" callouts for the 10 player colors
  • Some Map publishing issues fixed
  • Remove "tank" from the Spectre Tank name
  • Fix for not being able to fire upon an enemy when at least one unit didn't care about the min-range check (client-side mouse cursor action logic)
  • Updating defeat video to fix issue where it wasn't displaying
  • Added min-damage attribute to fix issue with APC crushing
  • Changed all armor types for destroyable civilian objects to "structure" to fix issue with objects sometimes getting passed through instead of crushed
  • Changed old skirmish achievements to require playing as faction 1 now that there are faction 2 versions of those achievements
  • Volumed down the Scorch Tank movement loops a bit, since really loud in large groups
  • Fixed the Heavy tank not appearing the the selection tray
  • Adjusted push settings of Spectre, APC and Heavy Tank to help with issues where units could not push through other units
  • Reduced stealth detection range of turrets for both factions by 30%
  • Heavy Tank weapon is no longer AOE (unintentional)
  • Fix for stealth tanks stopping patrol when taking damage (usually from environment, like lava)
  • Adjusted Scorch Tank weapon to fix issue where close-up units standing in the flames weren't taking damage
  • Added GUI SFX acknowledgements for issuing board/unboard transport commands - much better than silence
  • Added GUI movement SFX for issuing harvester movement to refinery and resource commands
  • Added missing AoE attribute for use on APC's crusher effect
  • Added icon for stealth revealed
  • Custom maps will now have players start with 1200 resources; also, graying out the vertex spacing option for the custom editor
  • Progress bar added to publish action in terrain editor
  • Increasing delay between playing no power audio from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Added audio and event notification support for picking up a "mission crate" in the campaign
  • AI won’t send anti-air drones after aircraft that are still under construction
  • Heavy Tank: Main cannon weapon is no longer AoE (this was an unintended effect)
  • Spectre Tank: Name changed to just "Spectre" since it's not REALLY a tank,
  • Spectre Tank: Changed weapon to fire two shots in a volley instead of one single shot. This resulted in a very minor change to DPS (a loss of about 2%)
  • Spectre Tank: Reduced health by 10%
  • Grenade Infantry: Increased AoE radius of grenade by 50% and increased damage vs. structures by 25%
  • Scorch Tank: Adjusted weapon to fix issue where close-up units standing in the flames weren't taking damage
  • Rocket Car: Build cost reduced to 80 (was 100)
  • Heavy Drone: Health increased by 10%
Source: 8-Bit Armies Steam page