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Game update #14 - 06/17 @ 14:15 (PST):

By -Netput - 18th June 2016 - 08:59 AM

New game mode is here! Assassination. Players will be given a victory-condition character they must keep alive. The last player with their hero alive wins the match. Curious to see how that one pans out. Check out the other changes below:

We've been really busy working on the next faction as well as improving the core game. We have some new stuff for you to try out this week - including a host of new requested features and options.

Work on both the original game and the new content has kept us very busy but we still find time to keep up with all the discussions on the message boards. Please let us know what you think of the new features and
let us know if we're missing something or you spot a problem.


  • Added double-size (64x64) mouse pointer cursors for 4K or visually impaired players
  • MODS: Added ability to load loose mod .TTF fonts from the Mod Text directory
  • MODS: Players can override music scores per faction (via MP3 files).
  • New Game mode for Skirmish & Multiplayer! In this mode, players will be given a victory-condition character they must keep alive. The last player with their hero alive wins the match.
  • Crates checkbox changed to slider. Players can choose to have anywhere from 0% to 100% crate release when buildings are destroyed. This creates a completely different gameplay scenario in multiplayer.
  • Replaced the old Coming Soon button in the lower left with a Current News panel to keep players better informed if theyre not visiting the game forums. Information about upcoming improvements/factions/games will be made available through this new button.

  • MODS: Updated voice mod notes by adding all Faction 2 units plus new Faction 1 Heavy Tank
  • MODS: Fixed the file reading method of the mod CSV file so that it will not prematurely think it hit EOF with certain characters (Thanks to WWWorm for pointing this out!)
  • Stealthed units are no longer stealthed when you have no structures left, so total annihilation victory condition works better
  • Adjusted Guardians Missions 07 & 11 to track the correct engineer crates
  • Fixed incorrect tooltips for some units like the Air Transport and Heavy Tank
  • AA Drone: Balance: Default move speed and explosion damage both reduced by 20%
  • Harvesters will no longer consider under-construction refineries when looking for a nearby refinery
  • Added a stealth broken color and icon above unit health bar to distinguish when someone has detected your stealthed units
  • Fix for unpaid for structures (which are not targetable and are invulnerable) still counting as victory relevant objects
  • More than one player can use the "random start location" in multiplayer lobbies now
  • Corrected displayed rank for campaign debrief screen if playing Guardians campaign
Source: 8-Bit Armies Steam page