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8-Bit Invaders released - Win a Steam key!

By -Netput - 17th December 2016 - 18:51 PM

8-Bit Invaders hits the shelves! Use the release weekend to get a 25% discount on 8-bit Invaders. Alternatively you can get a huge discount if you already own Hordes and Armies by buying the bundle! For 8-Bit Invaders. Petroglyph is greatly influenced by the Starcraft series. In Hordes there is a huge resemblance with Warcraft and in Armies with Command and Conquer. Note that you can also fight against the Hordes and Armies factions, so there are 6 races in the 8-bit series right now! For more information, check out the official steam page.

8-Bit Invaders! is a fast-paced, retro Real-Time Strategy game for the PC. Control the military might of the Galactic Marine Corps or Invade with the devastating power of the Cranioids! Mine, Build, and Fight your way to victory! Conquering the Multiverse was never so easy. Source: 8-Bit Invaders Steam page

Win a 8-bit Invaders steam key!

Do you want to win a Steam key for this great new game 8-bit Invaders? This is your chance!
Simply reply to this newspost ask for the key and you'll enter the raffle.

2 keys will be given out next Saturday. If we receive more then 40 replies, we will give away 3 steam 8-bit Invaders keys. If we receive over 50 replies, we also hand out a 8-bit Hordes steam key.

Raffle is over. Congrats synfire & cnc315d34d for winning a 8-bit Invaders steam key!

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