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Staff Wanted!

By Maru - 24th April 2016 - 14:44 PM

8-Bit Armies is an up and coming RTS game with lots of potential and we need YOUR help to secure its place among the greats. Will you aid this section in reaching the heights that it's capable of? Do you think that you have what we are looking for as part of the 8-Bit Armies staff? Read on below to find out what each role would entail.

The general perks that come with all positions

When you're a staff member at any level, the same basic perks are available to you. These include a larger inbox and access to the staff areas of GameReplays.org. The main benefit is that you get a much bigger sense of responsibility than you do by simply being a member, and it is a good chance for you to earn respect from regular members and staff members alike. It is even something you can put on your CV or resume! And has been done many many times to help our staff members secure jobs in the real world.

Discussion Moderator

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Discussion moderator is a great position for those who love the forum experience and like to promote healthy discussions! Moderators are expected to remain active in the forums, guide discussions, and report inappropriate content. Those who think they have what it takes to keep the house in order should PM Locutus with an application.


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Artists help prepare graphical images for portal posts and articles, usually by manipulating existing material or screenshots taken from the game. Sometimes artists will be asked to make signatures for members. You will need to have image manipulation software available to you and know how to use it. If you are interested, send an example of your work to us to show off your skills.

What is required from you? Aiding in the production of artwork for the 8-Bit Armies section. Requests will be made to you depending on what is in demand.


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Commentators will have a slightly different role in 8-Bit Armies due to issue of there being no observer mode, which will restrict your ability to cast games. However if you are adept in the video recording department you would still be able to record your own games as they are happening in real time and comment on them as such.

What is required from you? Due to the issues mentioned above, we would ask that you produce strategy guides and/or interesting video commentary as you are playing your games and upload them to GR's for others to learn from and enjoy.

Tournament Referee

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Tournament Referee's help run tournament events hosted by GameReplays. They help with conceiving, organising, hosting and presenting the results of tournaments. If you have a helpful nature and enjoy tournaments, this is definitely the right staff position for you! You must make sure that you can make at least one free weekend a month to host a tournament, as they can often go on for hours at a time.

What is required from you? Your help in holding one tournament event per month or when there is a demand for such a tournament.


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Writers are an important part of any section, but especially so in 8-Bit Armies, as there are no replays so people will be looking for other means of enjoying the section. As part of the writing team you would be providing this service by writing about all things 8-Bit Armies! Such topics could be, news about the game, summary of a tournament or clanwars.cc event or even just a an article of your choosing with an 8-Bit Armies theme. There is a lot of room for you to be creative in this role so long as you show an interest in producing 8-Bit Armies related content.

What is required from you? Working closely with my self and on your own to produce enjoyable content for the members to read.

Strategy Specialist

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Strategy Specialists are some of the most knowledgeable players of a game, they help the community by writing strategy tips and guides for the portal as well as giving members advice in the strategy forums or replay section. To be a Strategy Specialist you don't need to know the game like the back of your hand or be the best writer in the world, as senior staff members will easily be able to help you with writing your tips, although having a decent knowledge of the English language and the game is preferred.

What is required from you? Producing regular content for the members to learn from. We understand that writing tips and guides can be rather time consuming so we will endeavour to work closely with you and find a manageable workload.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to any of the above staff positions for 8-Bit Armies please send a PM to -Netput with your application. Remember, we are ALWAYS looking for staff, so you can always apply to any position you feel you'd like to try out.
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