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Galactic Space Marines Build order

By -Netput - 21st February 2017 - 10:07 AM

As the 8-bit series seems to pick up activity again, it is time to zoom in a bit more on the basics of the 8-bit Invader faction. In this guide we will touch a solid build order for the Galactic Space Marines, or just in short Marines.

During the early game the Marines rely heavily on the Ogres for crushing units, dealing damage and holding off enemy attacks. During the mid game and late game it is wise to transition to Manticores and Wyvern to counter artillery and air units that will be thrown at you during a higher level game.

Early game

  • Start constructing 2 Harvesters right away from you HQ
  • Send your Harpy to scout. Especially on the larger maps. This way you know which places are safe for your harvester to go to
  • As soon as your newly build harvester is near the 2nd mining point, start constructing a Heavy Factory. Do not start it earlier, otherwise your funds will not be sufficient!
  • Send you 3rd Harvester to the closest 3rd ore node
  • When your Heavy Factory is finished, build a Power Plant
  • As soon as your 3rd harvester reached the 3rd ore node, start constructing Ogres
  • After your power plant is constructed, build a Resource Enhancer
  • As soon as the Resources Enhancer is done, build a Barracks
  • When your Resources Enhancer is done, you also want to start constructing Harvesters again. Just keep them coming! You never have enough.
  • When your 4th harvester is done start producing Marines non-stop.
  • Make sure you are still producing Ogres!
Manage your Economy
Managing your economy is key. With 2 harvesters you can only build 1 building or unit at the same time. If you have 3 harvesters you can construct a building and a unit at the same time. If you add a Resource Enhancer in the mix you can build roughly 2,5 unit/building at the same time (read: your money stack increases if you only build 2 things at the same time). A 4th harvester will make sure you can support 3 queues fully when you have a Resource Enhancer.

Mid game option #1

  • You are facing a somewhat defensive opponent and are sure you are not behind in units. If this is the case you want to tech up as soon as possible.
  • Start constructing a Power Plant
  • Build a Research Lab
  • Start building a Drone Works
  • As soon as your Research Lab is done start constructing Manticores from you Heavy Factory
  • When your Drone Works is done, start constructing a few Gremlins followed up by tons of Wyvern
  • From here you want to go crazy on upgrading your production speed. Keep building Heavy factories and Drone Works

Mid game option #2

  • You are facing a aggressive player and are sure you barely have enough units. If this is the case you want to spice up your production.
  • Construct at least 1 and preferably 2 Heavy Factories
  • Keep building those lovely Ogres!
  • Start building a Drone Works and add a few Gremlins
  • As soon as you are on par with your opponent unit count again, tech up (see game option #1)

Late game

  • It is important to note that most games probably won't reach this stage
  • What you do here high depends on how the game is progressing. If you feel you are winning and have money, keep constructing Heavy Factories and/or Drone Works
  • If you feel your losing, try to anticipate on the units you are losing to. Does he have lots of infantry? Then you probably want to add in a few Gorgons to the mix. They deal splash and are good against infantry. It is probably not wise to use them for other purposes though as they lack the range compared to a Manticore.
  • Of course building a Titan is also a great move, however make sure you don't fall back in the production game.
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