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8-Bit Armies 1v1 ladder!

By -Netput - 17th May 2016 - 21:00 PM

Greetings! After we launched the 8-Bit Armies Match History earlier, with great pride we are happy to announce our very first automated ladder:

The 8-Bit Armies 1v1 ladder!

Each 1v1 game that is played will count towards your rank on the ladder. Obviously we tried to take a fair approach here; you win more points against a high ranked player and you will lose less points against a high ranked player. For this we are using a modified ELO System. Important to know is that you can never ever lose more then 10% of your total points.

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Point system explained

RN = RO + K(W - F* WE)
# RN is the new rating
# RO is the old (pre-event) rating
# K is the maximum number of points you can win or lose based upon the ranks of the players involved. This is currently set to 64 points.
# W is the score in the event (1 = win, 0 = loss)
# F is the Factor. This is currently set to 0,92
# WE is the expected score derived from the following formula : WE = 1 / (10 ^ (DR / 400) + 1)

You can never lose more then 10% of your point total. 2 examples to show how this works:
Example 1: If someone has 70 points and plays against a player that has 70 points as well, according to ELO he should lose roughly 30 points. However, in this case he will lose 7 points (max 10% lost)
Example 2: If someone has 800 points and plays against another member with 800 points, according to ELO he will lose roughly 30 points and not 10% as 30 points is less then 80 points.

[Thanks a lot to Subroutine for coding, AgmLauncher for styling and Petroglyph for sharing the needed information!

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