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A closer look at the 'Coming soon?' screenshot

By -Netput - 24th April 2016 - 14:16 PM

By now you probably booted up 8-Bit Armies already and started playing some Single Player or Multiplayer matches. One thing that is almost impossible to miss is the huge wizard that says 'coming soon?' on the left bottom side of the main menu. Clicking on it actually brings up a screenshot with artwork of a possible new faction! Let's take a closer look at that image to see what it tells us!

Taking a closer look at the screenshot

Overall the first impression is that the new faction is fantasy based. This actually says a lot, as it means the approach for this game is not warfare, but they can go in any direction. One thing that really speaks in favour of modern vs fantasy is that adding new factions is easier. They are not bound to rules and can go in any direction they want. Perhaps we will even see a science fiction faction in the feature? ET Phone home! However is this approach something we are waiting for? The game seems to aim for the Command and Conquer crowd. Obviously there was some non-invented tech in those games, but it all felt real and that it was possible in the future. Obviously it is personal whether you like it or not, so feel free to share your thoughts about this approach from Petroglyph.

Click on the image to enlarge it

1. Skeleton Archer - It is fair to say that this is the standard fighting unit for the new faction. The Renegade's (default faction) counterpart unit is the INFANTRY. Assuming that there is a bit of realism in the game, one would assume the rate of fire from the Skeleton Archer would be lower than the infantry. However, to balance this out, the damage dealt by the skeleton archer probably will be higher.

2. Giant Orc - Purely based on its size the Giant Orc will be the damage dealer. One could theorise that the movement speed of this guy would be low, however that would be compensated by dealing out a lot of damage. It does seem the Giant Orc is melee based, but perhaps he is able to throw his axe. The Renegade's counterpart is the TANK.

3. Catapult - Something that we recognise! A catapult. Not much to say about this unit. It will be good against infantry and his shots will deal splash damage. To be different this unit might be able to only fire when standing still, but that can't really be confirmed based on the picture. The Renegade counterpart is the ARTILLERY.

4. Mage - Magic, always scary stuff to fight against. As a Mage shoots big bolts of destruction, we would assume that the Mage is similar to the ROCKET INFANTRY. Strong, or maybe even very strong against tank based units. We wouldn't be surprised if the Mage deals a huge amount of splash damage as well. Of course this unit will be ranged and as rocket infantry also shoots in the air, the Mage probably will as well. Strong vs ground and vs air units!

5. Crossbow Huntress - Arrows always hurt infantry units. A lot! You probably do not want to face this Cross Huntress with your infantry units alone. The same as with the ARMOURED CAR this unit will counter all your basic units. She is on foot though, so the movement speed of this girl will be a lot lower than from the armoured car. She will be able to shoot in the air as well, but the damage against flying units won't be great.

Looking at the buildings we only get to see the 1. HQ and the 2. Barracks. It is fair to say that the HQ is needed to produce buildings and that the barracks is being used to train your infantry units like the Skeleton Archer, Mage and Crossbow Huntress. As Giant Orcs are real diva's, they probably want to have their own lair.

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