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Build order for map Shipyards

By -Netput - 25th April 2016 - 18:09 PM

8-Bit Armies has been released for a few days, so it is time for a new build order! Strategies and build orders constantly change, so make sure to keep track of the developing metagame by visiting us regularly! As with the previous build order for Blackslide, this guide is available in written form and as a video.

Shipyards Build Order

  • Start off by building a refinery. Make sure to build as close as possible to the oil well near the middle of the map.
  • As soon as your harvester pops out, select it and make it collect oil at the oil well near the centre of the map.
  • Build a barracks and stretch as far as possible.
  • Sell your first refinery once the barracks is completed.
  • Build another refinery and place it as close as possible near the oil well you are stretch to.

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  • Construct a war factory just outside your base area.
  • From here either build a power plant on top of the plateau, or use it to stretch to the middle of the map.
  • Build another Refinery and construct a harvester.
  • Feel free to do whatever you want from here on, but we do recommend building a Tech Lab for fast access to tanks.

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Video Guide

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