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8-Bit Armies Match History

By -Netput - 9th May 2016 - 18:52 PM

Greetings! We are pleased to announce the long awaited, yet non-expected Game-Match-History launch for all the online played matches on 8-Bit Armies! Now everyone can see the latest matches played including some nice and fancy details. All online matches that have been played with or against friends and foes are recorded. This includes:
  • Player vs Player matches
  • Player vs AI matches
  • Co-op matches

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Obviously this information is useless if you do not have extra information. Therefore we also parse the map name, match start time, teams, the winner of the match, game duration and last but not least the player names. The player names are actually a link to the steam profile of the player. So if you ever forgot to add a strong opponent or ally, this is your chance to do it afterwards!

The future

Although the match history is pretty awesome on it's own already, this is only iteration #1! We will continue to upgrade the system. Somewhere in the future we will also include a ladder. No, not another of those manual ladder, a fully automatic ladder! All you have to do is play a online player vs player match and we will make sure you win (most certainly not lose right?) points based on the match result. Time to gain some points and glory in the future!

Check out the Game Match History

Thanks a lot to Subroutine for coding this. AgmLauncher for styling it and Petroglyph for sharing the needed information!

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