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How Power affects production speed

By lionengine - 2nd May 2016 - 18:00 PM

Hello Commanders,

Today we would like to offer a little overview of the effect of Power on production speed in 8-Bit Armies. Is power is like money... the more the better? Or is having low power not of any importance? If you think power matters a lot, your base will probably look similar to this:

IPB Image

But be careful! The effect of power is less than you might think at first.

Power production and consumption

First of all lets take a look on the power production and consumption of each building:

IPB Image

As you can see, the Headquarter already provides enough power for 1 refinery, a barracks and a motor pool for example.

The effect of lower power

In order to determine the effect of Power on your production speed quantitatively we simply examined the production time of various buildings. (by hand) It can be described simply by the following formula:

IPB Image

Exactly! It looks precisely like the formula of the general theory of relativity. Ah wait... wrong document... 1 sec.

We hope you haven't invested too much efforts in understanding the formula. The effect is much easier to understand:

IPB Image IPB Image

While the "50% slower" in the last picture compares the situation of having low energy compared to having sufficient energy.
There is no difference in having no spare energy or having 1000+ spare energy. You will not improve your production speed once you produce the sufficient amount of power. And on the other hand lacking just a little power or lacking lots of power does not make a difference either.
Although the power has no influence on the production speed in the buildings tab, you must keep in mind that some buildings need power to work, like the MG Turret and Rocket Turret.

IPB Image

Nuclear launch detected!
Your Nuke Missile production will not be continued at low power. So if your opponents timer gets close to zero and you want to prevent your opponent to shoot his missile, you can consider killing his energy to halt the countdown.
On the other hand, if you are on low power yourself, it might be smart to sell a building to start the missile silo countdown again. Once the countdown has been completed, there is no energy needed to launch the nuke.

Have fun on the battlefield!

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