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How to micro your army in 8-Bit Armies: Splitting

By -Netput - 5th May 2016 - 08:17 AM

Getting all of your infantry crushed by harvesters... Probably happened to all of us! Tons of people are complaining about how squishy infantry seems to be against tanks and mainly harvesters in 8-Bit Armies. They even get called 'harvesters of doom!'. There is a easy solution for stopping this though; splitting your infantry! As the name says, you do not want to group your infantry when facing a enemy. Rather you split them off in smaller groups so they will not get crushed all together. Although it might sound easy, you have to be quite fast and have high APM (Actions per minute) to pull it off. Therefore if you are still practicing, you can use the 'L' key to scatter your units.

Community members Neutral and Cr4zypi3t created a awesome video about splitting in 8-Bit Armies:

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