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8-Bit Armies voice pack collection

By -Netput - 4th May 2016 - 17:02 PM

A few days ago we shared the happy news that 8-Bit Armies supports custom unit voice responses! The great community we have going have created some awesome sound packs already. Tons of golden games have been used to create a great 8-Bit Armies experience. We figured that you could use some help in finding the sound packs, therefore we downloaded quite a few and uploaded them all here!

The voice pack collection

The collection you can download right now contains:
Starcraft: Broodwar Terran voice pack by SorenKierks
Red Alert 2 Soviet Voice pack by Coolmonnik
Warcraft 3 Voice Responses by Szalami1
Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Voice Pack by D.edoC
Duke Nukem soundpack by Col.Bacardi
Memes&AwfulThings voice pack by JonnyKnows
Japanese voice pack by Hachik0
German CnC Generals Soundpack by Actionklaus
Red Alert 1 voice pack by Patchuri

How to install

Browse to your local installed game "Data" folder. Examples include:
  • "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\8BitArmies\Data" (or)
  • "Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\8-Bit Armies\Data"
  • In the "Data" folder, create a subfolder "MODS".
  • In the "MODS" folder, create a subfolder "AUDIO".
  • In the "AUDIO" folder, create a subfolder "EN-US".


Download the 8-Bit Armies voicepack right here

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IPB Image