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8bit Armies, Hordes and Invaders Strategies

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Strategy Guide

8-bit bootcamp: How to play Armies (Renegades/Guardian)

Wednesday, 1 Mar 2017
Community member Woksey created a great guide for the Armies factions. With the Armies faction we mean the Renegades and the Guardian faction. In this 8-bit bootcamp series he will cover the basics of the factions. This includes resource management, build area, chaining buildings, really points,...
Strategy Guide

Marines default and Marines rush build

Friday, 24 Feb 2017
Community member moolyftw was so kind to create a build order guide for the Galactic Space Marines. His guides cover a standard build order for the Marines, but also a more cheesy build that involves building lots of Marines to overrun the enemy base! Curious about what he has to say? Check out...
Strategy Guide

Galactic Space Marines Build order

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017
As the 8-bit series seems to pick up activity again, it is time to zoom in a bit more on the basics of the 8-bit Invader faction. In this guide we will touch a solid build order for the Galactic Space Marines, or just in short Marines. During the early game the Marines rely heavily on the Ogres...
Strategy Guide

8-Bit Armies Build Order for the new map Gator Gulch

Saturday, 21 May 2016
We've received a new 8-Bit Armies patch and this patch includes a new fancy map called Gator Gulch. Obviously we started to find out what the strongest strategies are on this new map. We tried to do the famous 4-refinery opening and it is still very viable! This time around no written guide, but...
Strategy Guide

Unit Build Times

Tuesday, 17 May 2016
In this guide we will take a look at how the number of barracks affects the build time of units. We will go up a total of 3 barracks for each unit type. It is worth noting that it's much more efficient to have sufficient power and less barracks, than more barracks and less power. We found...
Strategy Guide

8-Bit Armies building index

Thursday, 12 May 2016
Time for a overview of all 8-Bit Armies buildings! This guide will serve as a basic summary of what is in the game. Next to the description and the power usage, we also want to bring something new. Therefore added the build time for each building. Enjoy this little index! Buildings RefineryBuild...
Strategy Guide

How to micro your army in 8-Bit Armies: Splitting

Thursday, 5 May 2016
Getting all of your infantry crushed by harvesters... Probably happened to all of us! Tons of people are complaining about how squishy infantry seems to be against tanks and mainly harvesters in 8-Bit Armies. They even get called 'harvesters of doom!'. There is a easy solution for stopping this...
Strategy Guide

How Power affects production speed

Monday, 2 May 2016
Hello Commanders,Today we would like to offer a little overview of the effect of Power on production speed in 8-Bit Armies. Is power is like money... the more the better? Or is having low power not of any importance? If you think power matters a lot, your base will probably look similar to...
Strategy Guide

The optimal amount of harvesters and refineries

Saturday, 30 Apr 2016
8-Bit Armies is still very new and the community is still figuring out what the best way is to gain advantage over the enemy. Obviously there are multiple ways you can gain an advantage, but this time we took a look at the economic side of the game. As we all know, having a few bucks more will...
Strategy Guide

Build order for map Shipyards

Monday, 25 Apr 2016
8-Bit Armies has been released for a few days, so it is time for a new build order! Strategies and build orders constantly change, so make sure to keep track of the developing metagame by visiting us regularly! As with the previous build order for Blackslide, this guide is available in written...