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New Faction Coming Soon

By Vivo - 21st May 2016 - 07:29 AM

According to the news article posted in Petroglyph's Steam page, we'll soon be having a new faction!

Hey RTS Fans!

We’ve been eager to talk about our next faction and our plans for adding more content to the 8-Bit Armies “Universe”. Lots of questions have been asked in the forums such as:
  • What will the next faction be?
  • When will we release it?
  • How much will it cost?
Let’s dig into these a little more.

What is it And When Will it Release?

Our preview for the upcoming Fantasy Faction on the main menu generated a lot of interest and great suggestions. What about Sci-Fi? Undead? Many of you wanted more modern military. Some of these could take a long time to build while other ideas could happen much sooner. The range of good ideas and opinions has been awesome - and a little overwhelming!

While we have already begun work on the Fantasy Faction (name TBD), we are still looking at many weeks of development to build the maps, campaign missions, and functionality required of a full game. We didn’t want you to wait that long. So, our designers got busy working out the details for a second military faction including units that were specifically requested by the community. And, we are very happy to announce that we are releasing this faction into Open Beta next week!

Dependent on beta testing, The Guardians Faction may be available for download as early as next Friday or soon after. We’ll be posting more in the forums about how you can get in and take an early look. (Everyone’s Invited!)

How Much Will It Cost?

We think giving stuff away for free is awesome – especially to everyone that supported us. So, that’s exactly what we’re doing! The Guardians Faction will be available to everyone that has already purchased the game for free. Renegades Faction fans will also get a new “Mega-Tank” unit to play with, in addition to a couple new maps. We ask only that you send us your feedback on our new faction and of course, any issues you might run into along the way.

Of course, we can’t just keep giving away free stuff forever. Our plan to keep development funded and continue game updates include two upcoming additions to the Steam Store. In the short term, we’ll be releasing an additional DLC campaign featuring the Guardians Faction, and later we will release a new fantasy-themed game featuring our third faction. We can't wait to play matches with Military vs. Fantasy, but we’ll talk more about that as soon as we can get the FREE Guardians faction out to all our fans.

And we haven’t forgotten about the map editor, which is still planned to be released this month as well as localization support we promised earlier. Testing on both of these new features is coming along great but taking just a little longer than expected. As usual, we have way more ideas than we have people to implement them.

We appreciate all the great support we’ve received on the game – the devs are reading the boards daily and many of the added features are because of you guys! Please keep up the good work and thanks for all the feedback. We couldn’t do it without ya!


Source: 8-Bit Armies Steam page