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[Tip] I want to break free!

By -Netput - 22nd April 2016 - 07:00 AM

When you start your first skirmish or multiplayer game in 8-Bit Armies it can get confusing on how to expand. Tons of old Command and Conquer players are used to their deployable Mobile Construction Vehicles (MCVs), but we don't have MCVs in this game. So how do you expand properly if you don't have a MCV or something like Red Alert 3's Sputnik or Command and Conquer 3's Outpost?

The confusion will come to an end! We are proud to share our very first tip:

I want to break free!

Yes, break free. Although it might look that way at first, you are not contained to your hill/platform only. You can actually build down the hill and stretch your base. At day 1, we even dare to say that this is a crucial part of the game. Harvesters are expensive, so you are most likely quite a bit better off by expanding and stretching your base out to new oil fields. Yes, base crawling all the way over the map! Make sure you have a unit around to grant extra vision though, else your building radius is limited to the vision your building gives only!

Make sure to have enough units though to defend though, because crawling with your base will leave your flanks vulnerable!

Distance Matters!
Sometimes your starting oilfield is just a bit to far away. You can get closer to that first oilfield by building a refinery first and a second refinery right after that. Make sure to build that second refinery as close as possible to the oilfield. Sell the first refinery after you placed down your second.

Like this? You can catch more 8-Bit Armies guides, tips and tricks right here on GameReplays.org, stay tuned for more!

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