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Panzer Elite Abilities Guide, Part 2

By warhawks - 3rd April 2009 - 12:49 PM

Goliath Camouflage
IPB Image
Cost: Passive
Description: Goliath camouflage is a permanent ability that hides the Goliath when it is in green cover. The cloaking mechanism is automatic, so all that has to be done is to get into any type of green cover, i.e. sand bags or a stone wall. There, the Goliath needs to be at rest in green cover in order for the ability to work, so there is a slight delay before the Goliath is hidden from view.

This ability is perfect for ambushes, adding a new tactical layer to Goliaths. With the massive damage output against infantry, a well placed Goliath can decimate enemy troops heading for green cover.

Group Zeal
IPB Image
Cost: 240 IPB Image 40 IPB Image
Unit: Panzer Grenadiers, Tank Buster Heavy Infantry, Assault Grenadiers
Duration: Always on after purchase
Description: Group Zeal is a powerful ability that gives a few bonuses for Panzer Elite Grenadiers when they are close together. The bonus is calculated by the number of men in the group, not by the number of squads. So that means each man, no matter what the squad size is, will contribute and benefit from the bonuses. If there are 12 men in a group, then the bonus will be multiplied by 11, since each man does not get a bonus from his own presence. The bonuses are the following:
  • Radius = 10
  • Received Damage x 0.99
  • Maximum Health x 1.01
  • Health Regeneration + 0.48/min
The calculations for twelve men would be Maximum Health x (1.01) ^11. The radius is the distance from the center of the effect to the out most edge, or ten units long. All PE Grenadiers will receive this bonus as long as they are within the radius of effect. Typically, this is a medium to late game upgrade to fortify your infantry strength. When equipped with Group Zeal, Grenadiers will be stronger against opposing infantry, giving you a huge advantage in the later stages of the game.

Kettenkrad Camouflage
IPB Image
Cost: Free, Luftwaffe Doctrine
Description: After selecting the Luftwaffe Doctrine, the Kettenkrad is graced with the ability to camouflage. This ability is undeniably useful for spotting and escaping. If the Kettenkrad is approached by an infantry squad, one simply clicks on the button to safely get away. Granted, the ability has a ten second recharge time, so it cannot be used repeatedly. If used to escape, be sure to get into safe territory before uncloaking.

The other function of invisibility is to spy on your opponent. The Kettenkrad is granted with a moderate range, allowing it to see a good range while cloaked. This can give you a significant advantage in the game because it allows you to prepare for whichever units they plan to field. You must be wary though; the Kettenkrad receives a speed reduction while cloaked, so you may have to pay attention to the mini-map in order to not lose it.

Maintain Support Range
IPB Image
Cost: Free
Unit: Munitions Halftrack
Description: Maintain Support Range is an ability that makes the Halftrack follow the selected squad at a distance. To activate this ability, you click on a infantry squad that you want to be supported, and the half-track will follow at about a half-a-screen distance. This ability is good for keeping your units supported, but not by arbitrarily clicking on the map. Rather, the AI will automatically keep a distance that is within the support radius, allowing you to focus solely on your fighting force.

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