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Reboot edition beta starts on Monday + more info

By -Netput - 19th March 2016 - 13:08 PM

Great news for everyone that is looking forward to the huge new patch for Act of Aggression that is called 'Reboot Edition'. The Beta will start this Monday and will last 3 weeks!

Join Act of Aggression: Reboot Edition beta
Available for free to every owner of Act of Aggression, the beta will automatically combine with your existing version of the game, and give you the opportunity to switch between both as you see fit.

This new edition is more than just a patch: it is a massive overhaul of the game. Among the many changes, too many to list here in their entirety, here are the major ones:
- Single-resource economy
- Playable builders
- Reworked planesí mechanics
- Improved unit reactivity
- Ö
Source: Official Forum Post

Next to the lovely Beta announcement, t we've also received 2 more Let's Start guides written by the devs.
The first one is called Letís start #13 (Reboot Edition): New Economy and shows us how the new economy system works. A little spoiler here: No more 3 resources and the old Act of War system makes a return!
Letís start #14 (Reboot Edition): New Airstrikes tells us how they adjusted the airplanes in Act of Aggression: Reboot edition. Lots of changes here, hopefully for the better!