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Onyx's Chimera Economy Boost Strategy

By Onyx - 2nd August 2015 - 19:55 PM

Chimera has many perks mostly depending on resource fields. This strategy focuses on economic management in order to build an army faster than the USA and it works really well in any game mode, whether it's a 1v1 or 4v4.

First, we build one refinery over some oil fields in the center to harvest everything around it.

Refine your Refinery Placement
It is extremely important to place your refinery in the center of the oil fields for maximum resource collection.

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Once built, we shall build a second refinery next to the first one. It should cover around 6-8 oil fields shared with the other refinery. This will help you harvest oil fields faster. Harvesting only oil fields at first is important because aluminum fields aren't needed that early. They come later, to purchase upgrades, advance units, protocols, etc.

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Once complete (or while in the process of building the second refinery), build your barracks.

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Once your first refinery is complete, build the "full extraction protocol", followed by one crusher on the original central refinery. This will help produce more oil.

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Don't forget to use your Recon UGV to survey the area for the nearest oil / aluminum / earth fields.

Keeping your Recon UGV close
It is important to reveal anything close to your base just in case your enemy attempts to send his recon team / UGV to harass your refinery collectors.

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Going back to our barracks, produce eight Felins and waypoint them to the nearest bank. You do this by left clicking your barracks, then right-clicking the bank. This will command all infantry produced to automatically occupy the bank.

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While the infantry are being trained, go back to the central refinery and build another crusher, so you have a total of four crushers harvesting oil fields.

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Once all of your infantry have occupied the bank, build another crusher, either at the central or the right refinery.

Keeping your economy balanced
Pay attention to your collectors. If you notice them forming a line in one refinery, switch them over to harvest from the second refinery by selecting your collector and right clicking the refinery you want them to harvest.

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Switch back to your barracks, and train two or three SASs. Don't forget to change the waypoint to your base.

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