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Chimera Infantry Overview

By Onyx - 10th September 2015 - 04:19 AM

This guide gives a brief overview of Chimera’s infantry and their upgrades.


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Armament: FAMAS
Hit Points: 7
Cost: 250 IPB Image

The FELIN is the basic infantry unit of the Chimera in Act of Aggression. FELINs are armed with a FAMAS assault rifle, and are able to occupy buildings and capture POW (prisoners of war). Although they are not as tough as the Marines and Contractors, FELINs have the advantage of speed over their counterparts. This allows the Chimera commander to be able to seize key locations, such as banks, earlier than the other two factions in-game.

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CQC Training
Costs IPB Image 250 and IPB Image 1000. Researched at the barracks. Provides close quarters combat training to FELIN infantry, thus increasing their damage and grants them the ability to fire while on the move

IPB Image
Non-lethal tactics
Costs IPB Image 1000. Researched at the barracks. Increases the probability of creating prisoners of war.


IPB Image
Armament: Barrett M107A2 anti-material rifle
Hit Points: 4
Cost:IPB Image 650

The SAS sniper (short for Special Air Service sniper) is the sniper infantry and anti-vehicle infantry unit of the Chimera. The SAS uses an anti-materiel sniper rifle to inflict heavy damage on both infantry and vehicles. This makes the SAS a strong early-game unit. This strength, however, is balanced by a relatively high cost, low hit-points, long build time and relatively slow movement speed. It should also be noted that, even though the in-game model and icon suggest otherwise, the SAS is not a stealth unit, and is not silenced either.

IPB Image
DU rounds
Costs IPB Image 750. Researched at the barracks. SAS's sniper rifle fires depleted uranium rounds, which increases the SAS' damage against vehicles.


IPB Image
Armament: Y3 automatic grenade launcher
Hit Points: 18
Cost: IPB Image 400 and IPB Image 200

The Grenadier team is the portable artillery infantry team of Chimera. Grenadiers excel at dealing heavy area damage to groups of light units at long distances, and are also good for dealing with infantry garrisoned in buildings due their superior attack range.

IPB Image
NLOS system
Costs IPB Image 500. Researched at the barracks. Grants Grenadier teams the ability to fire indirectly at units hidden by an obstacle.


IPB Image
Armament: BRG-15 15mm machine gun
Hit Points: 14
Cost: IPB Image 250 and IPB Image 400

Suited in a HULC anthropomorphic exoskeleton, the exosoldier is the advanced infantry unit of the Chimera capable of attacking any unit and structure. Stronger than most infantry.

IPB Image
Costs IPB Image 1750. Researched at the defensive center. Exosoldiers are able to slowly regenerate health after being damaged.

IPB Image
Intelligent suspension
Costs IPB Image 1000 and IPB Image 750. Researched at the research lab. Doubles the exosoldier's speed.

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