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Onyx's Chimera Tigre Strategy

By Onyx - 14th August 2015 - 01:22 AM

Hello fellow Act of Aggressions players! Today we have a new guide that should help you counter just about any type of aggression you face!

This strategy is based mostly on macro, so it's extremely important to practise this strategy as much as you can. If you're not familiar with the Chimera faction, they have the strongest air of all three factions. Tigres are extremely powerful and can completely dominate land and air units with ease, but it's important to keep in mind these Tigres do require upgrades to reach their full potential.

Let's start with our build order:

Let's construct 2x refineries and place them both in the same oil fields located closest to your base.

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Once complete, build the full extraction protocol for both refineries. This is an important step, don't forget to always upgrade to a full extraction protocol for any refinery. This enables double the excavation rate.
  • Build one extra crusher for each oil refinery. Giving you a total of four crushers
  • Once economy is stable, build a barracks
  • On deployment of barracks, go back to your refineries and build one crusher for each refinery again as you did before. This should give you a total of three crushers per refinery. This is the maximum amount you should ever if it's close to a drop off. Making another crusher will not increase it's excavation rate.

Understanding Refineries
Resources can only be picked up every so often according to your refineries excavation rate. The maximum you should ever make near your base is three crushers for max production. For further refineries that take a little longer to reach it's drop off location, it's best to make 4-5 depending on how far. You can hover a refinery and it will tell you how many resources are waiting for pickup, if the bar is full that means there is resources waiting to be picked up so you must make another crusher.

From your barracks build in this following order:
  • 6 Felins
  • 1 SAS
  • 5 Felins

Six of your Felins should be way-pointed directly into the bank closest to you, once those first six felins are complete way-point the rest of the infantry waiting in Que directly to the second bank closest to you.

SAS Protection
SAS are extremely powerful, so providing 1 SAS per bank can guarantee a better security for the bank. It's also helpful to place SAS in buildings closest to your base or locations in which tanks travel to in order to most often.

Harassed Early Game
If you're being harassed early game or feel unsafe, build the supply field kit from one of your refineries which attaches a 20mm auto cannon and extra armor.

While progression of your infantry carries on, let's go back to our main structure and build a refinery for the aluminum field.

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By this time, the full extraction of our refineries should be overwhelming and it's time to build a spear vehicle bay.

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Soon after, you should began to receive aluminum in your resources, make sure once again to proceed with full extraction protocol and create two extra crushers for a maximum gathering of resources.

Next, build your helipad.

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Don't forget to sell your refineries once all resources have been depleted, there is no use keeping them. Plus, you're able to use the crushers for other refineries with oil/aluminum fields.

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Your economy should be well balanced, and now it's time to expand our wings for more resources. Let's build two refineries, one for Aluminum and the other for oil fields.

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While these are being built, start making Tigres from your helipad. You may be floating with aluminum resources since you're not using them much, make an outpost closest to your further refineries.

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In the meantime, we should have Tigres ready to go, send them directly to your enemies base. Roam around near the places where you think they might have a refinery. Harass the collectors as much as you can, Tigres are strong, but not as strong with upgrades. Harassing in multiple areas is recommended.

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Avoid any unit and nest as much as possible: Tigres are extremely expensive and loosing them is a huge risk.
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