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How to counter Cartel

By Onyx - 19th August 2015 - 07:02 AM

Countering Cartel may seem like a difficult thing to do, but they have a weakness that is hard to avoid. In this guide I will explain some strategies that will help you counter them, and give you a better idea of how they work. This applies to both Chimera and U.S. Army.

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is powerful, as it has an efficient build that allows you to mass produce Strykers and expand rapidly. They also have a perk that is common with all factions in a different way. U.S. is capable of building MG Nests next to a refinery which is a huge lifesaver when it comes to rushes. MG Nests are also capable of attacking air units, which is certainly beneficial. Cartel's main weakness is a fast rush, as they take a while to start building tanks and their tanks are definitely not cheap.

Start off with infantry. Always capture the bank nearest to you first. Then soon after, command your spare infantry to head straight to the enemy base. Do this because there is a chance you'll find an enemy refinery. This allows you to capture or force a sell, already giving you the upper hand.

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It's best to send around 2-4 Marine infantry units to the enemy base as it allows you to scout the area and gives you the upper hand if you capture a refinery.

Use your Recon Team aggressively as soon as possible to destroy refinery helicopters. The Recon Team will be extremely efficient at this.

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Sending the Recon Team
Send your Recon Team out to enemy territory once you have revealed a few oil and aluminum fields around your base.

Send your first Stryker MGS as soon as it's complete to scout the area around the enemy base, then if you don't see any refineries, proceed to the base itself. Avoid turrets if possible.

Cartel Stealth Units
It's important to keep in mind that Cartel is a stealthy class. You should have a unit that is able to detect stealth at all times.

Cartel's infantry units are very different from the U.S. Army. You can counter them with ease by using the sniper to your advantage. Also, use Javelins to capture buildings close to your base, and areas where the enemy is more likely to pass by with tanks. This will force them to retreat for a while!


Chimera is a powerful faction with strong infantry, air units and tanks. Their biggest advantage is air superiority. Tigres are by far the best helicopters in the game. Not only are these units extremely strong, but they're able to fire at range where they're not being attacked. They're able to detect stealth units too. It doesn't get better than that!

Techniques and tactics to counter Cartel:
  1. Upgrade your refinery with the supply field kit which allows your crushers to carry a weapon for protection.
  2. Make around 5-8 crushers.
  3. Use them offensively, as their extreme damage renders them capable of completely destroying Cartel from the start!
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This is by far the best strategy to use against Cartel, and is hard to counter.

As mentioned above, use Tigres to harass the enemy as much as possible. These units are superior to what the Cartel can offer!

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You can also use infantry at the start for harassment or scouting for refineries to capture.

What Are They Doing?
Keeping an eye out on your enemy at all times is important. You can spy with the Ninja, which is a stealth unit!

The Best Way to Counter Cartel

The Ninja is the best way to counter Cartel. Ninjas are stealth units that are unarmed and are able to detect other stealth units, but there is an upgrade you acquire with Sword Protocol which gives you Type 91 Missiles. These missiles attack aircraft only while the Ninjas are stealthed, from a long distance. Cartel use helicopters for refineries in order to gather resources, and luckily for Chimera they're able to completely destroy Cartel's economy with this sneaky tactic. This will leave the enemy in confusion and will force him to stop production.

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Cartel may be a stealth class capable of countering most Chimera and U.S. units, but in the end every faction has a weakness. Chimera and the U.S. definitely have options to deal with Cartel.

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