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Act of Aggression

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Act of Aggression Social Evening

By Maru - 3rd December 2015 - 18:08 PM

Grab a beer! AoAreplays.com is proud to announce Act Of Aggression Social Evening! Every Sunday at 18:00 GMT

So what is it exactly?

There was a lot of pressure for players to turn up to the pre organised tournaments, with people unsure who else would turn and possibly unable to remain available for the duration of the tournament. So what we have come up with is an initiative that is a lot less formal and allows players to come and go as they please. The games will start at 18:00 and continue on as long as people are interested. The evenings event's will be a weekly occurrence, taking place at the same time every Sunday for players to turn up as and when they wish, however arriving at the start time is advised because lots of fun mini tournaments and competitions might take place..

What do I need to do to take part?

Just join the steam group linked below and turn up! There is no sign up topic and no registration process. Just be online at 18:00 every Sunday and look for games called "Act of Aggression Social Evening" in the game lobby. The games will be hosted at first by myself or another member of staff, however as this progresses, it is going to the case where a Staff member is not available to create the game, so I would ask that members take it upon them selves to host the game with the "Act of Aggression Social Evening" title and also come up with the types of games that are going to take place.

What sort of games will take place?

That is entirely up to a vote, the most popular idea will be the evenings goal. However here are the sorts of ideas that I'm hoping to achieve:
-Small mini tournaments being planned on the spot with who ever shows up
-'For fun games' (FFG's) Between teams that we pick on the day. Teams can be "staff v members, USA v Canada v Europe (v rest of world depending on nationality.

What should I do after the evenings events?

We encourage you to head over to gamereplays.org and upload all of your replays from the evening! Feel free upload ownage "USA PWNED EUROPE" replays along with the brags that will inevitably come. We of course ask you to keep it friendly and along the lines of harmless banter, common sense here is important.

Please all sign up to the Steam Group associated with this event! Found here:
You can use this to keep in contact with other players/members and find out who is going to be online along with discussing the games ahead!

EVERY SUNDAY 18:00 GMT Just turn up and have fun!!!

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