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US Anti-Tank Light Vehicle Comparison

By Basilone™ - 17th September 2015 - 07:17 AM

At first glance the options that the United States faction has for killing vehicles in the early and mid game. Though Javelins are great for their cost, the slow speed limits them to use within buildings or troop transports. The motorized options the faction has for dealing with enemy vehicles can be overwhelming, so we took a closer and compared the anti-tank specialists from the Light Vehicles Bay.

TOW Humvee

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The Stryker ICV is the more cost efficient option for pure troop transportation, but weapon upgrades help the Humvee retain a purpose on battlefield after it has delivered infantry from point A to point B. While the Humvee does not seem to be any faster than vehicles with the Stryker chassis, it does reach its top speed considerably quicker, giving it a better chance to evade enemy pursuers in a pinch. The MK19 variant has a higher reload time between bursts, giving the TOW a higher damage output against vehicles.

Stryker ATGM

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The Defcon 2 requirement for the Stryker ATGM makes it quite an awkward unit in its vanilla state. Damage wise it performs the same as the TOW Humvee, so you are getting the same unit for 50% more oil but with double the durability. It probably makes it more cost effective, if you ignore the 2000 aluminum you paid to unlock it. However it does have access to the NLOS upgrade from the armory, which gives it a significantly higher range and slightly more damage output.

Stryker MGS

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The Stryker MGS has what it takes to be the backbone of a mid game army. The main gun is better against vehicles, the mounted .50cal HMG makes it better against infantry, and the TUSK upgrades give it an added cushion. You don't even need to upgrade Defcon 2 to make them, but you probably want to wait until after Defcon 2. Dumping 500 aluminum in to a 10HP frontline unit is a bit of a raw deal, plus you don't want to invest so much aluminum in Defcon 3 that Blazers are cordoned off for too long.


Producing several TOW Humvees is the way to go for Defcon 3 anti vehicle needs, but you want to phase them out soon because of the paper thin armor. At a mere 10HP the vanilla MGS is not worth the 500 aluminum, waiting to double their survivability for only 300 additional oil with TUSK 1 is a no-brainer. At Defcon 2 an upgraded MGS is hands down better than a vanilla ATGM, but ATGMs incur zero aluminum cost so keep that in mind. An ATGM with NLOS is the best unit the Light Vehicles Bay has to offer in the late game, but keep them behind a stronger frontline force.

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