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Viewpoint #1: Introduction

By LuckyCharms - 29th August 2015 - 10:26 AM

Welcome to part one of Viewpoint. This is a new series in which we will take a deeper look at how the resource scattering system of Act of Aggression works. It answers questions like: "Where can I find the resources?" and "Is it really random where the resource fields appear or is there a hidden scheme behind it?".

This time we will start with the basics. Over the next few weeks we will take a detailed look at every map. So stay tuned for upcoming articles!

Resources types

IPB Image Oil
Your main source of income, easily recognizable through yellow nodes on the ground and a yellow area on the minimap. Once extracted through refineries, oil will be transformed into money, which is required for most units and upgrades. Money can be stocked up to an infinite amount, but we heavily encourage you to buy an army with it instead.

IPB Image Aluminum
Aluminum is the second resource that you want to mine every game. Aluminum is displayed via blue nodes on the ground and a blue area on the minimap. This resource is needed for more advanced units and upgrades and can be extracted through a refinery. Aluminum can be stocked up until your current storage maximum, which can be increased by certain faction-specific buildings.

IPB Image Rare earth elements
Rare, precious elements that are scattered across the map. It allows you to produce your high-tier units and upgrades, as well as all super weapons. It is displayed via red nodes and a red area on the minimap. Each faction has its own way to harvest rare earth elements and its refineries mostly need to be unlocked first. It also stocks up in your storage up to the current maximum, just like aluminum.

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Increase your storage
Each faction has its own way to increase the storage maximum. The US Army uses structures called LEMs. The Chimera provides extra storage through outposts. Cartel uses special extension modules.

Basic information

  • Regardless of the map or your starting position you will always start with one oil field and one aluminum field right next to your headquarters.
  • Each map has its own pool of different layouts that determine exactly where the different types of resources can be found. The layout itself never changes. However, every time you start up a match, one layout will be randomly chosen from the pool. In future guides we will take a more detailed look at the layouts.
  • Every map is mirrored resource-wise, mostly diagonal. Each mirror side has the same amount of resources and distance between each other. This mirror's edge is something that will also be covered in future guides.
Finding the resources
You can use the principle of the mirror's edge to your advantage. For example by looking at the already exposed resource fields, if you mirror them on the map you can quickly determine where your enemy may have his own fields and refineries.


Each resource field in Act of Aggression is composed of several mining nodes. The mining process works automatically and players do not have to take any action, beside building the refinery and its collectors. However, to gain a better understanding, we will still take a quick look at it.

For each refinery you build on a resource field, an extractor will be constructed on top of a node (only one extractor at a time will be built per refinery). From now on your refinery will process resources from that node until it runs out. Once all nodes in a refinery's area are exhausted, the resource field is depleted and the refinery becomes obsolete (you should sell it now).

The amount of resources that a single node contains differ between the three resource types:
  • Oil and aluminum nodes stocks 1500 resources each.
  • Rare earth element nodes stocks a smaller amount with only 1000 resources each.

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Double your income
Chimera refineries have an upgrade called Full Extraction Protocol. This allows them to build and use two extractors at a time, which doubles the processed resources. The US Army and Cartel also have their own versions of this upgrade.

IPB Image

Field types

  • Small fields, 10 nodes: The only type of field containing rare earth elements. Each field has a value of 10,000 resources.
  • Medium fields, 12 nodes: These are the most common resource fields. Several of these can be found on each map either as Oil or Aluminum worth 18,000 resources each.
  • Starting fields, 14 nodes: These fields have fixed positions and can only be found next to a player's headquarters. They contain either Oil or Aluminum up to a value of 21,000 each.
  • Large fields, 16 nodes: These fields are spread rarely across the map and contain the most nodes you can find in the game. Each large field gathers either oil or aluminum with a total value of 24,000 resources per field.
Quickly sighting large fields
In an action-packed match it can be hard to distinguish large fields from medium fields. If you keep an eye for four adjacent nodes you can quickly find where large fields are placed.

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