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Act of Aggression Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Tip Factory #5 - Positioning your units

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015
We've covered the Road system in Tip Factory #1. Although it is great that your units move faster on roads, they tend to drive in a line. Attacking in a line is obviously a bad idea. The units up front will get the brunt of the damage and the units at the back will not even fire. Act of...
Strategy Guide

Let's Start #08: Super weapons

Monday, 20 Jul 2015
Eugen Systems released a new guide in their Let's Start series. This time they cover the lovely super weapons that are in the game. Each faction has access to one tactical weapon unit, requiring rare earth to be collected and processed to produce it. Although there is only one weapon system per...
Strategy Guide

Onyx's Guide to Quick U.S Victory!

Monday, 20 Jul 2015
On average, early matches played against an AI or player seemed to last too long due to lack of experience. Eventually, quitting would be the only option after realizing you're extremely low on resources or half destroyed. It made no sense. Studying the map and reading every unit's purpose helps...
Strategy Guide

Tip Factory #4 - Chimera build order

Saturday, 18 Jul 2015
After playing Act of Aggression for a while now, we feel confident to share our first Chimera build order with you. For now it seems that an economical build in the early game with lots of expanding is best. Oil is very important for Chimera's early and mid game. Aluminum becomes relevant in the...
Strategy Guide

Tip factory #3 - The first minutes

Saturday, 18 Jul 2015
Starting to play a new game can be tricky. Playing the tutorial or reading some guides or tips usually helps, but what you really need is an example on how to start. Once you have a solid start, you can expand from there and figure out all the new and exciting features the new game has to...
Strategy Guide

Tip Factory #2 - Why did I lose this match?!

Friday, 17 Jul 2015
We all know the feeling. You jump into a game full of high hopes. Within minutes however, you are totally cornered, don't stand a chance, and are totally outplayed. Extremely frustrating and demotivating. Screw this game, let's find something more fun to spend my time on! Hold your horses though!...
Strategy Guide

Tip Factory #1 - A shorter route isn't always faster!

Thursday, 16 Jul 2015
The first time we played Act of Aggression we were a bit confused by the route our units were taking after ordering a move command. At first it wasn't really clear why some of the units where take a long detour instead of going straight to the location you ordered them.A beautiful road in it's...
Strategy Guide

Let's start #07 - Air Combat

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015
Let's start #07 - Air Combat Just like ground units, each faction in Act of Aggression has its distinctive features when it comes to aircrafts. Whatever the faction, you will manage your aircrafts from the Air Control Center. This building will be made available once you have upgraded your HQ to...
Strategy Guide

Let's start #6 - Advanced Economics

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2015
Let's start #6 - Advanced Economics Collecting resources is one way to get cash to buy units. But it is not always sufficient, nor is it the only way to make money. Itís now time for you to know the other ways to be an economics boss.THE HEIST First, you have banks set on the maps, for you to rob...
Strategy Guide

Let's start #5 - Artillery

Monday, 29 Jun 2015
After the first four let's start episodes, Eugen Systems released a new episode today. This one informs you about Artillery. A pretty nice read that covers all the different variations of artillery that are present in Act of Aggression. LETíS START #05 : ARTILLERY Since you are now ready for...