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Act of Aggression

[REVIEWED] Nice batlle against nice enemy!

Battle Sight Zero 1v1
Battle Sight Zero 1v1
#1Commissar Toma  Sep 23 2015, 23:01 PM -
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#2LuckyCharms  Sep 24 2015, 19:52 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
The prison income =O
#3-Netput  Sep 26 2015, 10:46 AM -
Build order: Barracks, refinery on oil, 1 refinery on oil, 1 on aluminum

  • You took early control of 3 banks and you kept them during the entire game
  • Prisoners! Awesome that you get the value of prisoners. I am 100% that that building a prison and capturing those enemy soldiers kept you going!
  • Love that you carry around your exo soldiers with your pumas. Always a nice surprise and easy bank capture ftw.
  • Repairing your damaged tanks and tigres is great. Only few people do that, but more should!
  • At the start your 2nd and 3rd refinery were constructed at the same time. Try to experiment with building your 2nd oil refinery first. Then upgrade them + build a few harvesters. Only after that build your aluminum refinery. I can guarantee you that your transition into mid game will be smoother.
  • Not entirely sure about your 2 warfactory build. Obviously it is great to have more tanks, but imo the strongest asset of a Puma is their rocket. The rocket is immensely delayed this way.
  • Probably related to above. Move your Puma's away when the Strykers are getting closer! You often were 'hugged' in this match. If you would've moved your units away, they would've lived longer and shot more missiles.
  • No outpost in the middle of the map near your resource fields.
Build order: refinery on oil, barracks, refinery on oil, refinery on aluminum

  • Forward LEM's to shorten the path of harvesters
  • Sniper harass to clear the bank
  • clear tank and unit advantage in the early and mid game
  • Your opening BO is really weird in my eyes. Only 1 harvester per refinery and tons of refineries right of the bat. This really slows down your economy. It is way better to have quick bank. This simply generates you more oil.
  • In the early game you had ~6 Strykers running around the map doing nothing. Your opponent had no tanks what so ever. He even showed you what force he had, but you did not engage. Keep an eye out for opportunities and use your tanks at the correct time.
  • Not sure why you countered attack him when he want aggressive with his main army the first time. You could see how many tanks he had and you should known you you would win that battle. Now you lost a lot of resources in the process.
  • A lot of times you ran into a battle while not being in formation. Going into battle in a line is always a bad thing.
Entertainment value: 6,5 / 10
Overall the game is fun to watch. It isn't clear who is going to win into late of the game. There are some crucial mistakes being mode though, making this game a bit less entertaining to watch. Great prisonplay from Commissar is the highlight of this match. Keep up the good work with that! letsrock probably had a off-match this game. I've seen him play much better.
#4letsrock  Sep 30 2015, 23:10 PM -
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Oh didn't know this was posted smile.gif
Btw yeah sometimes I just want to try things out, or play whatever strategy I feel like.

Thanks Netput for the review. I agree with most of it, except the bit about going into battle in fast move line formation. This is actually one of the strengths of the tank army, under right conditions. I just didn't do it right in this particular match.
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