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Act of Aggression


#1^miGn1  Nov 21 2015, 21:37 PM -
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#2Araton  Nov 22 2015, 09:49 AM -
Replays: 33 Game:
Just shows how badly chimera needs an early transport. Nice idea on taking those banks early. Chimera couldn't do crap.
#3Fargo  Nov 25 2015, 06:54 AM -
Oil+Alu+bank+Oil+Very fast factory:

  • Sweet build order where you make super fast tanks to harass your opponent and forse him to make mistakes, I liked how you scout his second oil and send your tanks to clean trucks and with jackal to cover them, you have killed sniper and tried to clean his bank, nicely done.
  • Good micro with tanks to kill as much supply trucks as it was possible
  • Capturing quite fast middle banks which gave you quite good eco boost for whole game, also expanding quite fast after your first harassment.
  • Nice harass with your 3hinds on right hand side but I really would have loved some vipers dropped and help to kill his ref, but you still managed to kill few bunkers and made him busy.
  • Really nice micro with your main army to destroy his main army and at same time you use Berkuts to fly around and neutralize enemy rpg's.
  • After your opponent start harass you with Ninjas, you killed first few with your hinds, but you must make oto tanks asap, you had not enough gas because you were making so many bunkers which cost gas, he can avoid those bunkers anyway, so better to make tanks which can move and try to hunt down his ninjas.
  • Way too much queue up buildings and units at 18min mark, non stop spetres production, air control center, stealth labs(which you made 2 of them by mistake), Berkuts, concentrate on what you just right now, so first you had to make fast berkuts and then you can comeback to make your spectres
  • Sell your empty refineries
Rush You

  • Very strong opening with 4 refineries and I loved how you send fast sniper in the building to cover your ref and right side of your base
  • Very nice defend with your supply trucks vs his fast 2 tanks, also fast reaction to unload your Felins from the bank to save them vs Jackal
  • You kept expanding till you had all refs you wanted, preparing for a long game, also liked how you cover your refs with few bunkers and also loading infantry units into the buildings.
  • Very beautiful harassment with your ninjas, I just loved how you kept moving them around, not just leaving them to sit in one spot and later leaving each one of them at his ref, really nicely done.
  • You were floating 4k oil and 10k gas, I guess you were so much focused into the harass and forgot to make buildings and army which is very important needless to say
  • You were always quite low oil compare to alu, yet you still made double helipad and tried to mass Tigres, in this situation you must realize that you have too much alu, so better start making lots of Terminators and of scours metal storms, you could have harass with them everywhere, from this refs to his main base.
  • If you starting to make Tigres, better make like 6-10 or so and surprise him and attack his main base, if you show him that you making them like you did and attack with each of them his refs, he will have more than enough time to react and make anti air plans (which got buffed as you should know).
  • I know its hard but you really need to try to recapture middle tanks, in early game its impossible but in late game there is no reason why you should not do it.
  • And yet again, gaming is coming close to the end, you attacking randomly with 5 or so of your terminators to his left side, yet you still floating with 12k alu, try to imagine if you had 12 more terminators?
Entertainment value: 8/ 10
Both players played very well, game was always active, fights kept happening from left to right side all the time, almost all units been used, though I missed metal storms to harass Cartel base or ref. If I would have to pick the main reason why chimera have lost, it was not the best idea to go for Tigres and show them to the enemy asap and floating with so much gas almost whole game. This game was really fun to watch with good micro and good unit mix and decision from both sides.
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#4Araton  Dec 10 2015, 08:05 AM -
Replays: 33 Game:
This replay has been casted by: Lord Agion @ https://youtu.be/9om8C2ChIJM
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